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New KUBIK R+D Facility to Develop Sustainable Construction Technologies

The Technological Corporation Tecnalia has inaugurated KUBIK, a state-of-the-art experimental infrastructure unique worldwide, for the research and development of sustainable and ecoefficient technologies in architecture and construction. KUBIK is an experimental building located at the Bizkaia Technological Park in the north of Spain.

KUBIK is a completely modular and flexible building which can be reconfigured and adapted to the requirements of the R+D+I projects. Is a worldwide unique R+D facility for the development of products and systems which are industrialised and efficient from an energetic and acoustic perspective. The project is aimed at developing new concepts, products and services for improving the energy efficiency in buildings.

Inauguration of KUBIK

The development of this installation will enable taking the lead in the “European Initiative for Efficient Buildings” at a technological level, focusing on technologies, materials and systems for the drastic reduction of consumption and of CO2 emissions in buildings.

The uniqueness of KUBIK lies, according to its promoters, “in its capacity to generate realistic scenarios for investigating the energy efficiency resulting from the interaction of building solutions, intelligent management of air-conditioning, illumination and ventilation systems and power supply using renewable and conventional sources of energy”.

The infrastructure, inaugurated on June 10th, involves a building capable of covering a maximum of 500 m2 distributed over a basement floor and up to three more floors above ground level. Energy supply is based on the combination of conventional energies and renewable energies (geothermal, solar, wind, micro-CHP, fuel-cells) as well as energy-storage solutions (fly-wheel, batteries, thermal storage). Moreover, the building is fitted with a monitoring and control system that provides the information necessary for the development of R+D+i activities.

“The structure of KUBIK is designed as an experimental edifice which can be reconfigured, creating living and study spaces for the assembly of architectural elements in the envelope as well as structural elements, for a comprehensive evaluation of the desired characteristics that can be assessed under real conditions of use”, stated those in charge of the new experimental infrastructure.


KUBIK provides small and medium enterprises in the construction sector with the real possibility of working in innovation within an acceptable budget. It also guides them in seeking new market niches using technological innovation, converting a risk situation (rise in energy prices, credit crunch, etc.) into a market opportunity, as well as the possibility of using the building as a platform for launching new products onto the market and as a test facility for trials under real conditions of use.

At a general level, the new infrastructure represents a new tool for the transfer of R+D+i to the industrial infrastructure, increasing wealth and high added value employment. It will also be of great use to do research into reducing energy consumption, with the triple advantage of reducing energy dependency, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental costs, as well as promoting research in the field of sustainability directly with industrial players.


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