Hanson Focuses on Sustainability with Concrete Products

Hanson Building Products North America has an inherent focus on sustainability with concrete products that efficiently serve the building and construction industries for at least 100 years, and can then be recycled and repurposed indefinitely – further contributing to communities and the environment in multiple, unique ways.

Hanson Building Products’ divisions, Hanson Pipe & Precast, Hanson Pressure Pipe, Hanson Structural Precast, Hanson Brick, Hanson Hardscapes and Hanson Roof Tile are known for providing our infrastructure, homes and buildings with reliable and eco-friendly products, but have also contributed to sea life, air force training courses and the beautifying of our environment.

“Concrete is one of the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly and long-lasting building products,” said Richard Manning, president, Hanson Building Products North America. “Having recycled content in products is important to Hanson Building Products, but we also analyze, together with our customers, how we can repurpose the end product after its intended use to make an even bigger impact on our environment and society. Then, our products have no life cycle end.”

In August of 2009, Hanson supplied 200-tons of concrete pipe and precast structures for an artificial reef program that aided marine life in Jacksonville, Florida. Known as “Floyd’s Folly,” the 10-month-old reef, which is one of the largest in the state, is now thriving with an abundant amount of marine life and is a staple of sustainability for the community.

“Without conservation minded companies and individuals like Hanson Pipe & Precast and Hanson Pressure Pipe, projects like Floyd’s Folly would be very difficult and happen less frequently,” said Dana Morton, artificial reef coordinator for the City of Jacksonville Artificial Reef Program. “The reef is performing wonderfully, and providing valuable habitat for a variety of marine life.”

In Georgia and New Orleans, Hanson Pipe & Precast’s products provided search and rescue teams with material for structural collapse and confined space training courses. Playgrounds, tennis courts and other recreational areas have benefited from the use of precast structures. Brick and paver products have added curb appeal to homes through landscaping applications, mulch for flowerbeds and brick can even be repurposed into kitty litter. In addition to these uses, roof tile and brick products can be recycled and reclaimed for reuse. Reclaimed brick produces a weathered, historic look rarely achieved by any other brick. Concrete pipe and roof tiles can also be used as aggregate under asphalt, and brick can serve as a non-toxic option for fixing potholes and sinkholes.

“By repurposing our products there is dramatically less waste and use of landfills,” added Manning. “Reducing raw material consumption and increasing recycled content and product reuse is a symbol of comprehensive sustainability, through which we not only protect the environment, but also take responsibility for future generations.”

Most recently Hanson Brick introduced the Brick Back Program to its facilities in Kentucky, Michigan, the Carolinas and Ontario and Quebec, Canada. In an effort to reduce on-site construction waste and the resulting burial in landfills, the free program accepts “clean” brick waste to be converted into ground, recyclable material for addition to Hanson Brick’s existing products.

One of Hanson Building Products' corporate strategies is continued focus on sustainability. The company is known throughout North America for excellent occupational safety, environmental stewardship, high quality standards and contributions to its local communities. Its sustainability vision is, “Building on the Past. Restoring the Balance. Creating the Future.”

Source: http://www.hansonbuildingproducts.com/

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