New Products from Prime Coat Solve Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Coating Issues

The Annual ACA (American Correctional Association) Convention attendees will be the first to see 2 new products from Prime Coat Coating Systems. Path-O-Cide™ and Fiber Coat with Kevlar® will revolutionize the way that correctional facilities are constructed and refurbished for the near future.

Path-O-Cide™ is the ONLY coating product, in the industry, that will kill pathogens like MRSA on contact. Staph infections can be a major health concern and can cause a facility to spend large portions of its budget on its treatment alone. "The best solution to MRSA and other pathogens is prevention and 'Path-O-Cide™' gives correctional facilities the ability to virtually eliminate the problems related with these types of infection," said Chris O'Brien, President of Prime Coat Coating Systems.

"The launch of Fiber Coat with Kevlar® kicks off the next evolution in the coatings industry," said O'Brien. Fiber Coat has been the cornerstone of Prime Coat's Seamless System™ for 15 years; a durable fiberglass and aggregate reinforced floor, wall and ceiling coating solution that combines the latest epoxy technology to completely enclose any environment.  The end result is a room that is pin hole free and completely water tight. It is the correctional industry standard for any and all floor, wall or ceiling coatings issues.

Correctional facilities grapple daily with maintenance and safety concerns. Everything from regulatory status to health issues are affected by the condition and performance of their surface areas. Prime Coat provides the industry a coating that is impenetrable from pathogens, microbials, viruses, mold, mildew and anything undesirable that normally grows on exposed surfaces. Combined with Prime Coat's solutions to the problems associated with failing grout, peeling paint, deteriorating mastics, and chipped tiles, the launch of these 2 products have brought the industry a step closer to ending these problems forever.


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