Overwhelming Interest Forces Date Change for Greener Homes and Buildings Event!

Due to huge public and professional interest, the Greener Homes and Buildings Event will now be held on the 30th September – 1st October 2005.

"Some restrictions on space meant that the event simply had to be postponed for a few weeks to ensure that we would have enough room for additional exhibitors and more seminars - such has the response been so far," commented Project Manager Louise Owen.

One of the event’s aims will be to demonstrate to homeowners and professionals how ‘greener’ concepts in building, design, renovation and refurbishment are equally as good as, if not better in many cases than today’s ‘traditional’ methods. Visitors to the event will be able to see for themselves how many of the exhibitors’ products and services could save them money in their annual home fuel bills, as well as increase their quality of life in the home.

"With an increase in awareness of ecologically sound methods and concepts, people are beginning to realise that living ‘greener’ does mean living better, and whilst the ecological benefits to the environment are a major factor, the added bonus of potentially saving a significant percentage of the annual home fuel bills are sure to strike a chord with many more," added Louise.

In addition, the event will also cater for those professionals who work within the trade. Specific seminars and demonstrations during the event will be held for architects, surveyors, planning officers, construction executives and others within the housing sector to give them a more detailed approach into the concepts that the project is promoting. The ‘trade only’ part of the event, entitled `Driving Sustainability Within the Welsh Construction Industry` is being organised in conjunction with a number of industry consultants to offer a broad range of seminars, topics, demonstrations and forums where delegates will be able to interact directly with key figures in the eco-industrial sector.

"These days, an increasing environmental and ecological pressure coming from Europe, there is a realisation that the UK is in many cases lagging behind other European countries when it comes to sustainable building and materials. We urgently need to address this issue by educating those who work in the sector of the possibilities that already exist - many of which are being championed by companies here in Wales. "We have a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the way people think about their homes and buildings, without forcing the issue of being ‘green’ upon them. We’re trying to dispel the myth that living ‘greener’ means living ‘poorer’. We will show people that living greener actually means living better, healthier, and is far more modern in its approach than people actually realise."

Householders, builders, architects, planners installers, equipment manufacturers, facilities managers and technology specifiers will all be able to gain confidence in the sustainable technologies through targeted workshops with topics ranging from basic marketing and presentation skills for exhibitors, to in-depth looks at how the new technologies can work to benefit householders’ lives. Details of conferences and workshops will be available within the next few weeks.

Anyone wishing to attend the event as an exhibitor or as a seminar delegate should contact Greener Homes and Buildings to register for an event pack: [email protected]

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