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Burker King Resort to LEDs and Sustainable Energy

BURGER KING® has equipped its world first energy efficient restaurant, opened in early June in Waghäusel, Germany, with LED lighting technology from Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393]. The new eco-friendly design which allows for series production and global implementation, utilizes state-of the-art technologies and renewable energy to power one-third of the restaurant's energy consumption.

A key role in this context falls to long-lasting interior and exterior LED bulbs saving more than 55 percent of energy consumption annually compared to traditional lighting methods.

The parking area is illuminated by six 60 W SL-Dolphin street lights in neutral white with Phoenix lighting pattern featuring a luminous flux of ca. 6,000 lm and a color temperature of 5,000 K. The asymmetric wide view angle ensures high uniformity at pole heights of 6-8 m and therefore is ideally suited for parking and roadway applications.

Existing Everlight SL-Dolphin lights are now being shipped with a patented electronic ballast developed and produced in Germany that excels with various dimming options, a life span up to eight times compared to other LED street light solutions or conventional street lights, a high temperature protection mechanism and an outstanding efficiency of 93 percent.

The restaurant's guest area is equipped with red interior lights in Italian design using Everlight's A-Lamp (a typical bulb type) as light source. This implementation, realized by German company E2 features a high uniformity of illumination due to the A-Lamp's glare-free light distribution.

The eight LEDs used cannot be seen from the outside, resulting in a very pleasant lighting effect on human beings, resembling the one of frosted light bulbs. The A-Lamp's power consumption of 7,5 W is more than 50 percent less than that of an energy-saving lamp with a comparable luminance of 18 W. Furthermore, in contrast to high frequency radiating energy-saving lamps, LED lights neither cause electro-smog nor do they contain mercury. Also, there is no start-up time. LED luminaires are instantly 'on'. Last but not least, Everlight LED Retrofits enjoy a higher operating life-time.

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