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Thermal And Acoustic Insulation In One: Arma-Chek Sound

Armacell has added to its product portfolio an insulation system which combines acoustic and thermal insulation and also provides protection against mechanical impact and weathering. The Arma-Chek Sound systems consist of a sandwich construction of Armaflex, the sound-absorbing Armafoam Sound and the Arma-Chek R covering material. Depending on the application, the product is supplied in various layers and thicknesses. For very demanding applications requiring high levels of noise reduction, an additional layer of "Armafoam Barrier" may be used as part of the system.

The insulation system was originally developed for use in marine and offshore environments, but Arma-Chek Sound offers a solution for all industries which need acoustic pipe insulation, such as the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries. Arma-Chek Sound can be installed on pipelines for noise control of compressors, pumps and valves. Unlike traditional insulation systems made from mineral wool and metal cladding, Arma-Chek Sound is fibre-free and based on closed-cell technology. This greatly reduces the risk of under insulation corrosion caused by water ingress. As far as ease of installation is concerned, the product is comparable to other Arma-Chek systems. Due to its great flexibility, even fittings, bends and flanges can be insulated quickly and easily. Arma-Chek Sound is classified according to British Standard 476, pt 7 as Class 1. The product complies with all the performance classification requirements of the ISO 15665 standard. This is the new standard for the acoustic insulation of pipes, valves and flanges, which is likely to be adopted as the industry standard by the oil and gas industry.

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