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Interior Paint Color Cheat Sheets Offer an Easiest Way to Coloring Homes

Yelena Kublitski, creator of the Interior Paint Color Cheat Sheets, believes that by trying to be competitive, paint manufacturers end up doing a disservice to their end users.

She explains: "Paint companies want to make sure they carry every single color we may possibly want, that's why they offer 2-3,000 color options in their palettes. But what they don't seem to realize is that as consumers, our problem is not a lack of options, not anymore. These days, it's too many choices that's the deal breaker. No wonder about 40% of all paint purchases are made as a result of an original color mistake - the selection is just too big and confusing."

The Interior Paint Color Cheat Sheets

Yelena continues: "As a result, consumers end up spending days (often weeks) wading through hundreds of paint colors, trying to find the right one. Many waste a lot of money on paint samples before they finally succeed in "guessing" correctly."

"And that's what's unfair", she concludes. "Because the truth is, most of the colors you see in a typical paint deck will never work as successful wall colors. They are either too intense, too dark or plain wrong otherwise. And if you've ever picked a paint color for your home, you probably already realize by now that a pretty paint chip doesn't always equal a pretty wall color."

Yelena points out that it takes years and a lot of trial and error to find the "winners" in a paint color deck.

According to her, most color consultants and interior decorators use only 20% of the colors 80% of the time. They have a special "go-to" color file, which consists of a small number of proven, tried and tested paint colors they refer to again and again in their work. The pros realize that it's not neccessary to have a huge variety of colors in order to find the right one. All that is needed is just a few excellent options that work all the time.

And while other industry experts keep their "go-to" color files private, Yelena is making hers available to the public.

She feels confident that her Interior Paint Color Cheat Sheets - a shortcut collection of 81 most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors, are the easiest and most efficient approach to coloring a home.

She adds: "It's as close to foolproof and no fail as you can get, and will save consumers a lot of time, money and frustration."


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