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Solyndra Introduces 200 Series Solar Solution for Commercial Rooftops

Solyndra, Inc., an American manufacturer of cylindrical photovoltaic (PV) systems for large commercial rooftops, today announced the Solyndra 200 Series. The new product builds on technology proven on more than 500 rooftops around the world to offer fast, simple installation, a low distributed load and low overall installed cost.

“The 200 Series is the ideal solar solution for the large commercial rooftop,” stated Brian Harrison, Solyndra’s president and CEO. “For customers, the simple connection system allows the panels and mounts to snap-together easily and significantly reduces balance-of-system costs. Because the 200 Series requires no tools for installation, it is the fastest and easiest-to-install flat rooftop solar system available. The 200 Series also demonstrates the strength of our product roadmap and ability to continue to increase panel power while lowering the cost of electricity and improving the return on investment for our customers.”

Dramatically improved BOS costs and installation process

Building owners with older or “value engineered” rooftops benefit from the lightweight panels (roof load of 2.8 lbs/ft2) that have no need for penetrations or ballasting, and can be installed significantly faster than flat panels on a typical roof. This minimizes business disruption during installation and dramatically reduces labor costs; the shorter project duration is also a benefit for installers who can complete more projects during critical seasons. The use of 80% fewer parts per kW than previous systems and the elimination of array grounding further lowers the balance of system costs.

No tools are required to assemble Solyndra panels together with the mounts, and the system rests on the roof with no penetrations required.

One of the first 200 Series installations in the United States was performed by Panelized Solar, a Gold Solyndra Solutions Provider. “We knew the tool-free design would be fast, but we were still surprised by how fast and easy the 200 Series was to install,” said Keith Coonce, President of Panelized Solar. “Our installation team was able to finish the 238 kWp installation of more than 1100 panels in just three days.”

The 200 Series systems comes complete with all mounting hardware included.

Increased panel power performance

Optimized light collection and enhancements to the Solyndra module improve the 200 Series panels’ ability to capture direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight across the 360-degree photovoltaic module surface. This makes the 200 Series Solyndra’s most powerful panel, a design augmented further if combined with a reflective, “cool roof.” The wider spacing of the modules and Solyndra design offers “broader shoulders” or more uniform energy collection throughout the day than traditional flat panels.

The cylindrical module shape also allows Solyndra panels to be placed horizontally and significantly closer together than conventional panels. Panels can be oriented in virtually any direction which offers greater flexibility for rooftop applications. The design of Solyndra systems also provides superior wind, soiling and snow performance. By allowing the wind to flow through the modules, Solyndra 200 Series panels require no penetrating mounts in winds up to 130 mph.

Solyndra is demonstrating the system at the Solar Power International show, booth 4743.

Competitive pricing

The 200 Series design and improved manufacturing processes make the new product’s installed pricing highly competitive with traditional flat panels. Contact your Solyndra Solution Provider or a Solyndra representative for more pricing details, and visit our new website for case studies on Solyndra installations around the world.


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