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Brush Up Your Home in Just One Saturday

It's no surprise that Americans' summer plans include time for sun and fun. But for a large number of people, it's also time for adventures in home improvement.

According to a new survey conducted on behalf of KILZ®, more than 80 percent of Americans admit to putting off home repairs until the summer. Their good intentions, however, don't always yield results. Many people choose to spend time at the pool, vacation or relax and home improvement projects often fall to the wayside. In fact, 60 percent of those surveyed admitted to starting home improvement projects, but not completing them. And, nearly half said they've abandoned a project more than two times.

The key to checking off summer home improvement projects is using insider tips to tackle (and complete) a task in a day -- allowing extra time for family and fun.

"As the pace of life picks up this summer, you can still set aside an afternoon for quick home improvement projects that will make an impact," said Lee Snijders, host of HGTV's "Design on a Dime." "There are a number of simple projects that are easy and inexpensive, but will make a real difference in the look of your home."

Snijders, who has re-designed more than 100 rooms on HGTV's "Design on a Dime," says primer is the "secret weapon" to take something that is an eyesore and make it eye-popping. In fact, primers can be used on more than just walls. With the right technique, primer can prep glossy surfaces like kitchen cabinets, revamp an old lamp, wake up a weary floor, revitalize old outdoor furniture or cover up awful colors from past fashion trends.

"Primer is a great tool to help you deliver professional-looking results for home improvement projects like repainting walls or refinishing wood furniture and cabinets," said Snijders. Transform Your Home When it comes to rooms that are most in need of home improvement help, Americans nominated their bathrooms and kitchens.

Snijders teamed up with KILZ to develop KILZ Summer Saturdays, a series of one-day projects that can take any room from dull to dazzling.

  • Perk Up Patios: Add pizzazz to an outdoor living space in an hour by re-finishing old ceramic and terra cotta flower pots with vibrant colors, patterns or designs. Take terra cotta pots and seal them with an oil-based primer, like KILZ Original, to ensure wet soil and water won't damage your final design. Add a fresh coat of paint -- in any style you like -- and you have new accent pieces for patios, window sills or front porches.
  • Hair-Brained Design: Turn your bathroom into a hairdresser's heaven. Snijders suggests changing your bathroom wall color to contrast your hair color, which makes it easier to see and style your hair. Use a dark wall color, such as chocolate brown or deep purple, to enhance light hair colors, and a light shade, such as sky blue, to highlight dark hair.
  • Refresh Old Floors: In one weekend, you can change the look of a bathroom or kitchen by re-finishing the floor. Pull up old linoleum to expose concrete floors and paint the floor with a dark, warm color. Remember to seal the floor first with a mildew-resistant prime, such as KILZ Premium, let dry and apply a fresh coat of paint. Finish with a glossy top coat to make the floor shine.
  • Let There Be (New) Light: Give an old wood lamp a shabby chic look by re-finishing it. Snijders suggests sealing the surface with a spray primer, such as KILZ Upshot®. Then, apply a coat of rub & buff metal paint, which can be found at a local craft store. After it dries, wipe off the metal paint for a textured look.
  • Wonderful Walls: Enhance the look and feel of a room quickly by creating one wall as a focal point with a change of color. Apply your desired color of paint, then use a rag or a plastic bag and press it into the paint while still wet to create depth and texture.

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