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LG Electronics to Display HVAC Technologies at 2010 International Hotel-Motel + Restaurant Show

An award-winner in worldwide HVAC solutions, LG Electronics is showcasing advancements in energy-saving technologies and luxury design elements this week at the 2010 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (booth #2105).

A testament to how LG works with the hospitality industry, LG is highlighting its Multi-V Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and its stylish Art Cool units, demonstrating new ways to reduce energy output and climate control costs without sacrificing design.

"As hoteliers continue to look at LEED and green initiatives, LG is proud to offer innovative solutions in our ever-expanding line of commercial HVAC products," said Steve Schmitt, director, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA. "Our current line of commercial HVAC products demonstrate enhanced air flow options and low sound levels to meet the demands for any environment."

Energy Efficiency Meets Sleek Design

LG's Multi-V technology on display this week showcases LG's VRF, which utilizes both inverter and constant speed compressors in tandem to provide one of the most efficient means of meeting a customer's heating and air conditioning needs. This technology further reduces operational noise for a better guest experience. Hoteliers will appreciate that it limits energy expenses and uses the industry-standard, and environmentally friendlier, refrigerant R-410A.

The advanced VRF heat pump system in LG's Multi-V Mini, on display in the LG booth, uses sophisticated inverter technology and zoned evaporators that promote better dehumidification and tighter temperature control while avoiding unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied rooms. Hoteliers can use this technology to control which rooms operate to avoid preventable energy usage.

Enhancing the durability of the Multi-V system, this model comes with LG's Gold Fin Anti-corrosion coil protection. This means that the outdoor coil surface is covered and protected from the corrosive effects of outside air thereby extending the operational life of the unit.

Using Climate Control to Create an Artful Hotel Experience

As design, knowledge, vision and leadership continue to shape the face of the hospitality industry, so it does to the modern HVAC system. LG's Art Cool Inverter Mirror design-oriented series blends eye-catching design with climate control solutions to meet consumer demand for style and comfort.

Ideal for motels and boutique hotels, LG's Art Cool Inverter Mirror line is a slim rectangular wall-mounted interior evaporator designed with numerous features that conveniently and subtly enhance the guest experience. Using the same advanced inverter compressor technology used on the Multi-V Mini, the Inverter Mirror runs constantly at a low rate of speed, even when the desired temperature is reached. This reduces operational noise and even helps limit energy costs.

LG's Art Cool Picture models combine artful air conditioning and climate control for an all-in-one solution that is stylish as well as functional. The Art Cool Picture model is a wall mounted system with a front panel that doubles as a picture frame with a 17.5 x 17.5-inch viewable area to complement any room's decor. Using a three-dimensional air flow system, the Art Cool Picture frame cools a room evenly by distributing air from its bottom and both sides so guests are still able to personalize room temperature.

Additionally, its Superlight BLDC Motor provides low operational sound of 29 decibels on low speed, which makes the unit felt but not heard.  For additional convenience, both the Art Cool Picture and Inverter Mirror have wireless digital thermostats included for easy temperature adjustments.

"As a designer it's important for me that technology be integrated into the overall design scheme. An unattractive but necessary air conditioner should not take away from the aesthetic appeal of a space," said internationally acclaimed interior designer Jeff Andrews.  "The LG Art Cool Picture is chic and low profile and conceals a quiet yet powerful AC unit. It's the perfect design solution for any environment."


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