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New York City Selects Kohler’s Toilets and Faucets for Fourth Time in a Row for Charmin Restrooms

Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, technology and water efficiency, will once again serve as a sponsor the Charmin® Restrooms in New York City’s Times Square, by providing water-conserving toilets and touchless faucets in the 15 public bathrooms.

This serves as the 4th consecutive year Kohler has participated in the Charmin Restrooms, which have moved to a new location in Times Square at 142 West 42nd Street between 6th and 7th avenues, and will be open for patrons from Nov. 22 through Dec. 31.

Charmin Restroom

“We are excited to partner with Procter & Gamble once again to demonstrate KOHLER plumbing products, which are specifically designed to save water while remaining true to a singular level of quality for performance and design,” said Rob Zimmerman, manager-engineering, water conservation & sustainability for Kohler. “Kohler seeks to offer the most choices in water-saving plumbing products for both residential and commercial bathrooms, and the Charmin Restrooms provide a high-traffic destination for us to advance our industry leadership in the area of water conservation.”

The 15 public restrooms feature the two-piece, pressure-assisted KOHLER Barrington Pressure Lite™ 1.1 gallons-per-flush (gpf) toilet, which utilizes one-half gallon less water than a standard toilet. The KOHLER Barrington toilet carries the WaterSense label, a product labeling program of the Environmental Protection Agency, assuring customers that the toilet saves at least 20 percent over standard toilets, while still meeting strict flushing guidelines.

Contributing to added hygiene, the Charmin restrooms will also include Kohler’s water-conserving Geometric Touchless faucets, which are equipped with low-flow aerators, taking the amount of water delivered from 2.2 gallons-per-minute to 0.5 gpm – more than a 75 percent savings over conventional bathroom faucets. This sleek-designed “hands-free” faucet features Kohler’s exclusive Hybrid energy system – a power solution that has been tested to last at least 30 years. The water savings and 30-year operating life are just the beginning of this system’s environmental advantage. The Hybrid power solution is completely mercury-free, and is built with no other chemicals or additives that are harmful to humans or the environment. In addition, when it’s time to upgrade or remodel the bathroom space, Kohler Co. will accept any used cells and properly recycle 100 percent of the contents.

The Geometric Touchless faucets will be paired with the KOHLER Parigi™ pedestal and wall-mount sinks, an ideal solution for smaller-sized bathrooms. Additionally, Kohler is providing decorative bathroom accessories, including garment hooks and mirrors.

“The Kohler mission statement is to contribute to a higher level of gracious living for those who are touched by our products and services, and the Charmin Restrooms provide us with a rare opportunity to reach thousands of festive individuals during the holiday shopping season in Times Square and bring awareness to the serious cause of saving water,” added Zimmerman.

More than 420,000 people from 100 countries and all 50 states visited the Charmin Restrooms during the 2009 holiday season. The 2010 facilities feature 15 restrooms, offering the convenience of easily accessible, family-friendly facilities at the crossroads of the world. Attendants are on staff to service and clean stalls after every use. Two of the restrooms are ADA accessible.


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