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Keva Energy Introduces New Energy-Saving Acrylic Coating

Keva Industries has developed an innovative energy solution which utilizes the very latest in ceramic micro-spheres similar to that used by NASA (USA) for use on the space shuttle tiles.

Keva Energy Saving Paint is an elastomeric, thermal Insulation, water proof, energy saving and water based acrylic coating. Keva Industries recommends two coats for optimal protection.

When the paint dries, these form the radiant heat barrier, turning the ordinary house paint into heat-reflecting thermal paint. The insulating materials reduce heat transfer by reflecting heat away from the painted surface by forming a heat-blocking radiant barrier on the surface that is painted.

NASA technology has now been adopted for use in the domestic and industrial environment. Research and development has led to the production of a light elastomeric liquid solution, which is not only easy to apply to most structures but also capable of reducing the solar loading of very large surfaces in extreme sunlight.

The layer is created by the microspheres coming closer together as the coating dries, until they eventually touch each other forming a single, very thin, thermal barrier. This barrier reflects, refracts and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in a structure during the cold months and out of the structure during the hot months.

As they are true microspheres, the ceramic particles do not add weight but increase the strength of the coating. This helps to keep down the weight loading on the structure being coated.

According to Keva Industries, the product can be used on walls, roofs, ceilings, metal buildings, cold storage facilities and can make homes, businesses, warehouses, ships, and other structures more energy efficient.


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