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DaVinci Roofscapes Introduces Comprehensive Color Design Program

Homeowners who are sometimes paralyzed with the fear of making the “wrong choice” of a color for a replacement roof can now relax.

DaVinci Roofscapes®, a leader in the polymer roofing industry, has launched the comprehensive DaVinci Color Design Program. Anchored by national color expert Kate Smith, CMG, the extensive program includes the introduction roofing colors and blends, a new Color Design on-line tool and personalized color consultation assistance.

DaVinci Color Design

“Our synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles are warranted for 50 years, so it’s a big decision for some homeowners to select a single color or color blend roof that they’ll be comfortable with for an extended period of time,” says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. “We provide more color options for polymer roofing than any other company, so we’re taking the steps to make it easy for homeowners to get the one-on-one support they need to select roofing colors that best complement their home’s style.”

Color Expertise

Kate Smith, chief color maven and owner of Sensational Color, will lend her expertise to the DaVinci Color Design Program. A professional member and chair holder of the Color Marketing Group, Smith is a sought-after color expert who has authored numerous color trends reports, developed professional color certification courses and written the book “Color Confidence: Color for Your Home Interior.” Her newest book, “Color Confidence: Color for Your Home Exterior” will be published in 2011.

Through her affiliation with DaVinci, Smith will provide guidance and insight to homeowners seeking to create “top down/whole house” complementary color combinations starting with roofing colors and blends.

“No homeowner should feel locked in to a standard roof color,” says Smith. “Color selection for a roof can be influenced by the style of the home, the geographic setting or a homeowner’s personal style. Now that DaVinci offers 49 different roofing colors and 28 unique roofing color blends as options, this allows homeowners to get actively involved in selecting a roof that beautifully reflects their preferences.”

While Smith points out that it’s not essential to have a color expert involved in a roofing color choice, some homeowners benefit from the guidance and reassurance that a professional color expert consultation offers. “The exterior of a home begins to tell a story about its owners that continues on the inside,” says Smith. “For many homeowners, the challenge comes down to being able to express their style confidently and still have the house feel at home in the neighborhood.

“The good news is that roofing color blends can especially work well for a wide variety of homes and people. Whether created from two or five different color palates, a blend of colors on the roof provides freedom for homeowners to ‘pull out’ different colors on other areas of the home, such as siding, shutters and trim work.”

Smith explains that choosing a color blend for a roof may seem counterintuitive to the “color shy” person, but it actually provides the homeowner with more flexibility. “Blends of colors --- whether earth tones or bolder terracotta colors --- can more easily create a harmonious exterior for a home than a single color roof can accomplish,” says Smith. “The key is choosing a blend with similar colors, like DaVinci’s new Harbor Gray blend. This includes light, medium light, medium and dark tones of Chesapeake to create a warm, inviting feeling. The similar colors create a visual blend rather than seeing all of the contrasting colors.”


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