New Forecast Report on Roofing Materials Market in Poland

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Roofing Materials Market in Poland 2011: Development Forecasts for 2011-2013" report to their offering.

The report presents current and forecast trends, both for building construction as well as for roofing materials market which is dependent on the situation within the building construction segment, especially single-family housing.

The report includes an important section on profiles of top ten producers of roofing materials in Poland, including an analysis of current standing of companies and their strategies for the near future.

In addition, the report presents a table listing several tens of smaller producers of roofing materials including such information as their financial performance in recent years.

Main areas of focus:

  • analysis of roofing materials market as a whole and interpretation of the newest trends
  • size (m) and value (PLN bn) of the roofing materials market
  • analysis of channels of distribution of roofing materials in Poland
  • analysis of trends in prices of roofing materials in Poland
  • analysis of legislative changes with a bearing on the roofing materials market in Poland
  • market structure by types of roofs, roofing materials and buildings
  • in-depth analysis of factors affecting the forecasts formulated for the roofing materials market in Poland (macroeconomic indicators, foreign investments, domestic outlays, trends in residential and non-residential construction, etc.)
  • analysis of top 10 producers of roofing materials in Poland, including financial results for the past few years and information on product assortment and production facilities
  • forecasts for the value and size of the market in 2011-2013.

Find out:

  • What is the current and predicted value (PLN bn) and size (m2) of the roofing materials market in Poland, as well as of its individual segments?
  • Which companies are currently the key players on the roofing materials market as well as in its individual segments?
  • What is the outlook for the segments of the construction market, which have the most impact on the roofing materials market?
  • What key legislative changes with a bearing on the roofing materials market have been implemented in recent months?

Extract from this report:

  • Bituminous roofing mostly roofing felt is virtually the only roofing material used for flat-roofed residential buildings. As far as pitched-roofed residential buildings are concerned, there is a large variety of available products, but ceramic roof tiles are the most frequently used material.
  • We do not expect any rapid growth in the prices of roofing materials in the next months prices will change smoothly, accelerating only in H2 2011.
  • Mazowieckie voivodship represents the largest portion of the roofing materials market (around 18% of the market), which is due to the concentration of the largest number of large commercial investment projects in this region. Other regions with substantial market shares include Wielkopolskie (12%), Slaskie (10%) and Malopolskie (9%).

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Methodology
  2. Executive summary
  3. Construction sector in Poland
    • The value and growth of the market
    • Capital expenditure on buildings and structures
    • Construction and assembly output
    • Value added in construction
    • Economic climate in the construction industry
    • Barriers in the construction industry
    • Price trends in the construction market
    • Housing stock
  4. The roofing materials market in Poland
    • Roofing materials used in Poland
    • The size and value of the market
    • The durability of roofing materials
    • The use of roofing materials by type of building
    • Innovation in the roofing materials market
    • Expected trends for the next years
    • The main production plants
    • The prices of roofing materials
    • The prices of roofing work
    • The market of roofing materials in Poland by regions
    • Legal changes relevant to the roofing materials market
  5. Development forecasts for 2011-2013
    • Macroeconomic forecasts
    • The surface area of roofs in residential construction
    • The surface area of roofs in non-residential construction
    • Forecasts for the growth of the roofing materials market
    • Forecasts for flat and pitched roofs
    • The most prospective segments of the construction market
    • SWOT analysis of the roofing materials market in Poland
  6. Profiles of the largest companies in the roofing materials sector in Poland
    • Ceramic and cement roofing materials
    • Metal roofing materials
    • Bituminous roofing materials
    • The market structure by main producers
  7. List of graphs
  8. List of tables

Companies Mentioned:

  • Balex Metal
  • Blachotrapez
  • Blachprofil2
  • Bratex Dachy
  • Cembrit
  • Creaton
  • Euronit
  • IBF Polska
  • Icopal
  • Izolacja Jarocin
  • Izopanel
  • Koramic Pokrycia Dachowe
  • Lemcon Polska
  • Lindab
  • Monier
  • Onduline Production
  • Plannja
  • PMI Izolacja-Matizol
  • Pruszynski
  • Roeben Ceramika Budowlana
  • Ruukki Polska
  • Swisspor Polska


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