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Fiberglass Replacement Windows are Increasingly Chosen by Homeowners

Homeowners considering vinyl replacement windows are more often choosing fiberglass. This is due to their strength and durability, advanced insulation and soundproofing qualities, resistance to condensation, energy efficiency and for aesthetic reasons.

Fiberglass is the highest-quality insulating material on the replacement windows market today. It is made of polymer and strands of pulled glass with trapped air inside, which is the same material that many boats are made of. This means that they are stronger and more durable than other options such as vinyl, wood and metal. Over the years, it will not sag, twist, warp, rot or crack. It is also highly resistant to the elements in any climate because of its inherent ability to not succumb to pollutants, temperature swings, UV rays, corrosion, moisture, oxidation, rust, insects or salt. This makes the material a perfect choice for coastal areas and large cities in any climate.

Fiberglass replacement windows also expand and contract near the same rate as glass, which means that the weight of the glass will not put as much stress on the frame. This allows for a more secure fit that reduces air leakage to maintain temperatures and keep the frame from sagging over the years. Because of the strength and durability of these fiberglass replacement windows, they are nearly maintenance free.

This material does not conduct heat or cold and provides an ideal sound barrier. Because of the insulating abilities and resistance to temperature changes, it does not create condensation that leads to water damage to the home. Additionally, these qualities make the replacement windows highly energy efficient, saving the homeowners the average of 20%-40% over other available options.

Many homeowners and business owners make this choice because of the beauty these offer. These frames can be painted to match any interior or exterior paint color. This can be done by the owner or in the factory with a peel-free baked-on finish. This choice gives the curb appeal of wood and the durability and strength of fiberglass; meaning it does not look or act like cheap plastic. The strength allows for large windows with narrow frames, which give more natural light inside and more beautiful views looking outside.


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