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James Instruments' New Catalog for Construction Industry

James Instruments Inc., manufacturer of the world's most advanced non-destructive test equipment for construction materials, has released a new catalog for 2011.

This catalog features equipment for the contractor, engineer, material producer, and educational institution, and equipment that analyzes concrete, mortar, brick, masonry, drywall, wood, soil, and ceramics. The instruments featured determine strength, locate objects in structures, evaluate density ultrasonically, analyze corrosion, and determine moisture content.

The catalog features equipment that evaluates a number of parameters. Here are some examples of what the catalog has in store:

The first category is material strength, which includes the Windsor Probe™ System for concrete compressive strength in the field. Safe, quick, and simple to use, it is the most effective method of concrete compressive strength testing on site. The system performs equally well on standard and high performance concrete. Conforms to ASTM C-805 and other International Standards. The Windsor Pin™ System is a unique instrument for measuring the strength of new or existing concrete, mortar and other construction materials in the field utilizing the established principle of resistance to penetration. The Windsor Pin™ System conforms to ASTM C-803.

Pull testing devices are also included. The Standard Anchor Test System measures the pull strength of anchors in concrete, wood, masonry, brick and other construction materials. The Super Anchor Test System tests anchor strengths in concrete, wood, masonry, and other construction materials above 30 KN (4000 lbf).

The second category is rebar locators, used for locating and analyzing the location of rebars and other items in concrete and masonry. The R-Meter™ MK III, built for the professional, is the most advanced system for finding the location, depth, and size of reinforcement bar, post tension cables, copper and conduit. The Mini R-Meter™ ruggedized for tough field use, is an economical hand held unit used for finding the location, depth, or size of reinforced rebar, post tension cables, copper and conduit.

Ultrasonics is the next category. The V-Meter™ MK III is the most advanced system for ultrasonic pulse velocity in concrete, wood, ceramic and other coarse grained and construction materials. This test method rapidly and easily allows you to locate cracks, voids, rot and other areas of inhomogenity in the material under test. Conforms to ASTM C - 597 and other standards. The E-Meter™ MK II is used for the determination of resonant frequency of materials, Young's Modulus of Elasticity, and Poisson's Ratio. Conforms to ASTM C-215, and ASTM C-666 as well as other International Standards.

The corrosion category has a range of instruments for the corrosion engineer. The Gecor 8™ for corrosion rate determination has a method for rapidly mapping a structure's rebar corrosion rate with an advanced modulation confinement technique for precise corrosion rate analysis. It also has a new corrosion rate analysis technique for use in very wet or submerged structures. Poroscope™ is a field test for air and water permeability of concrete using the Figg technique. Permeability both at the concrete surface as well as within the concrete mass can be determined. Porosity in sealants and surface mortars can be checked. Each test can be completed in only a few minutes.

Moisture determination is the final category. The Trident™ is a microwave meter used for the rapid determination of moisture content in sand and other fine or coarse aggregates. It is fast and easy to use, as well as completely portable. The Aquaprobe™ is a microwave meter for the rapid determination of moisture content in different types of soil.

“This new catalog presents a great summary of instrumentation and its application,” says Michael W. Hoag President of James Instruments Inc. “This will enable our customers to rapidly determine what piece of equipment they need.”


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