Inergy Homes Announces New Homes that Save Energy

The patented construction method developed by Bruce Carpenter, who owns Inergy Homes and leads it as CEO, is said to be conserving energy by more than 259% than the set requirements of Energy Star and cuts down the utility bills by around 60%.

Inergy Homes has received certificates from Oregon Department of Energy, Earth Advantage and Energy Star.

The ecologically friendly and energy-efficient, Inergy Homes are built by mixing the steel framing structure with a radiant blocking over-layer and uninterrupted type of external ridged padding. The construction method  depends more on the radiant blocking over-layer, which prevents over 85% heat loss in winter months and stops nearly 97% of the external heat transfer from the sun during the summer months. The barrier makes the home around 17.2% more energy competent than needed by the set building codes. Inergy builds homes according to the readymade plans of the company or provides custom building according to the plans of the clients and constructs buildings with height up to four floors.

It is estimated that the new Inergy Homes cuts down the level of carbon dioxide emissions up to 76% when compared to the conventional construction methods. More than 90% of the galvanized steel utilized in the construction is recycled from junk vehicles. According to the available estimates, a normal green home utilizes recycled steel retrieved from 3.8 junk cars and conserves over 3.5 truckloads of wood from being cut for construction purposes.


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