Michell Instruments to Add Additional Space to its Factory

Michell Instruments has started a construction project to add 14,000 square feet to its factory space. The company proposes to make the additions to its present building.

Michell Instruments Headquarters, UK

It will be adding 5,000 square feet to its office space and 3,200 square feet to its storage facility and the balance of the space is earmarked for its production, calibration and service.

The company had planned for the expansion around one year back to meet the growing needs of its clients. It is planning to improve its staff strength by hiring engineers and developers and production staff. The building construction project is anticipated to get completed by the end of 2011.

Michell Instruments with its headquarters in the UK is engaged in providing solutions for measuring moisture, humidity and oxygen levels. The company produces a range of instruments, systems and transmitters that are designed to evaluate the level of trace moisture, hydrocarbon dew point and oxygen in a range of usages and industries such as power generation, process, compressed air, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas and others.

Source: http://www.michell.com/

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