pinta acoustic Unveils SONEX AFS Wall and Ceiling System

pinta acoustic has unveiled its novel, inexpensive SONEX AFS wall and ceiling system. This acoustic plaster finishing system has offered a perfect, monolithic appearance to ceilings and walls. It provides sound absorption exceptionally along with the maximum noise reduction coefficient (NRC).

SONEX AFS system includes a thin fiberglass mesh coated with willtec melamine-based open-cell foam panels in different widths that belongs to Class 1 fire-rated category.

pinta acoustic, inc. -- SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall System

These panels are spread on solid substrates directly and bonded with trowelable acouSTIC water-based glue. The panel links are tied and completed. PHONSTOP PA85 acoustic plaster has trowel-applied in two coats for making an even, white and permeable finish surface, which has a slight consistency from important mineral aggregates. In addition, certified applicators could apply nonbridging acoustical coating and custom color to the dry finish.

Acoustic plaster surface absorbs the traveling sound energy into the willtec core to provide a high NRC of up to 1.05.

These lightweight SONEX AFS panels are huge and light for faster coverage and take lesser time for installation. After the installation of lighting, HVAC, electrical and fire-sprinkler systems, the panels can be fixed to curved or horizontal solid substrates, as the panels are flexible and durable.

The SONEX AFS systems are suitable for government buildings, museums, public spaces, theaters, restaurants, concert halls, high-end interior spaces and indoor swimming pools.


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