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Ceratech Releases E-Brochure Titled High-Performance Industrial Cement Solutions

Ceratech, a manufacturer of long-lasting concrete cements, has released an e-brochure titled “High performance Industrial Cement Solutions” in both digital and print format. The company provides an e-brochure covering Ceratech’s complete cement line, which have been formed mainly for chemical processing and severe industrial environments.

Construction using the high performance long-lasting cements

The Ceratech cements show high resistance to both corrosive materials and severe temperatures, when compared to traditional Portland cement.

Leo Kahl, Ceratech’s Marketing Vice President, said that the company is pleased that it has been receiving repeat orders with its FIREROK, ekkomaxx200 and KEMROK portfolios. Kahl stated that the fact that customers are repeatedly using its brands signifies the performance advantages and product quality of its products over conventional Portland cements.

The Ceratech’s KEMROK cement is developed particularly to resist corrosive chemicals, harmful acids and extreme temperatures. FIREROK cement is formulated with more resistance to increased temperatures when exposed to metal processing and other industrial processes. The ekkomaxx200 branded cements will offers resistance to corrosive materials and higher temperatures at reduced cost. Since the branded cements of Ceratech are developed with 5% renewable and 95% recycled materials in a carbon-free process, they exhibit comparably increased rate in sustainability scale than the traditional Portland cements.

Mark Wasilko, Executive Vice President of Ceratech, said that the company’s cement technology provides significantly high value by increasing the concrete lifecycle. Wasilko also added that the company is able to deliver highly cost-effective and increased durability industrial strength product with a range of environmental advantages.


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