Solatube International Introduces Decorative Fixtures Series for Daylight

Solatube International, a developer and seller of Tubular Daylighting Devices, has once again redesigned daylighting. The company has launched a new array of decorative fixtures known as Glass Distractions.

Solatube International's Glass Distractions decorative fixtures come in six stylish designs. Glass Distractions attach to Solatube's Tubular Daylighting Device to create an aesthetic appeal.

The new Glass Distractions decorative fixtures provide an artistic element at the roof level to a source of light namely, daylighting. Denise Homme of the Design Institute of San Diego said that he was happy that Solatube International has introduced decorative fixtures for daylighting systems. He also said that for a year, he had been adjusting decorative fixtures in the homes of clients who wanted to create a different look, and Glass Distractions are a dream come true for clients who love daylight and want to modify the look of their home.

Solatube International has introduced six decorative fixtures in the new line that include JustFrost, TierDrop, OptiView, QuadraFrost, VividShade and AuroraGlo. JustFrost showcases sunlight in a neat, modern design, TierDrop has a cascading, classic element, OptiView has a unique dazzling lens that provides aesthetic views of the sky, QuadraFrost delivers daylight with symmetry and style and it can be arranged to contrast or complement the lines of any room, VividShade is a chic designed fixture that accents sunlight with contemporary fabric and the AuroraGlo has a regular bowl-shaped glass feature.

These Glass Distractions decorative fixtures are composed of high-quality materials, including metal and glass, and they are usable for the 290DS and 160DS Solatube products 14” and 10” diameter TDDs.

Solatube Daylighting Systems are installed in commercial and residential spaces all around the world. They use a patented technology and harvest sunlight at the rooftop and send it down through a reflective tube and disperse it evenly into the room through a diffuser placed at the ceiling. Solatube Daylighting Systems are widely used in homes, schools, offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, government buildings and zoos.


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