MaxLite’s LED Luminaires for Safe Parking Garages

MaxLite has unveiled LED Luminaires, which are energy efficient lighting solutions, for strengthening security and safety in parking garages. Recently, DesignLights Consortium (DLC) approved this product and incorporated it in the Qualified Products List (QPL).

LED Parking Garage Luminaires

Metal halide fixtures can be replaced using the energy efficient LED Parking Garage Luminaires, which are designed in such a way so as to convey superior engineered light with 25% less light loss over the 70° to 80° plane and 30% greater light in the 60° to 80° zonal area. It assists the drivers to find and move the cars more securely. Metal halide fixtures of 175 W can be replaced using 40 W LED luminaires while providing 2640 lm at a color temperature of 5000K. The 70 W LED luminaire can be substituted for a 250 W metal halide fixture while giving 4200 lm at a color temperature of 5000K.

Pat Treadway, National Product Marketing Manager of the company, has stated that this new LED Luminaires are providing an eco-friendly approach, offering energy efficient, safe lighting for parking garages. Ultimately, the cost of this luminaire may come down when compared with the metal halide fixture and decreases the environmental impact. DLC certification obtained recently will qualify these lighting fixtures for incentives and rebates.

MaxLite’s LED products for the parking garage fixtures can be maintained easily and are constructed against IR or UV rays, and the LED modules can last up to 50,000 h. These modules are plated with copper to increase the LEDs junction temperature and offer high thermal transfer rate.

During night time, these new fixtures with occupancy sensors switch on automatically, when there is a sense of motion in the parking garage. These lights switch off automatically after 30 s when the client leaves the area. Programming of sensors can be done to make it function all the time.

This new product functions at outside temperatures. Emergency batter backup options will be included later.


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