I-794 Lake Freeway Project Presented to Michael Baker

Michael Baker Jr, a part of Michael Baker declared that the company has been presented with a preliminary design contract of $8.8 M, by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for the renovation and modification of the I-794 Freeway and Daniel Hoan Bridge.

Design services feature roadway, surveys, structures, traffic, environmental, geotechnical, public involvement, and lighting. The estimated period for the preliminary design is about eight months.

The estimation for reconstruction costs is $350M. The project is split into three key segments including Hoan Bridge (Lake Interchange to Lincoln Avenue), in which the existing steel structures will be fixed and repainted, thereby replacing the bridge decks. Alterations on the Bridge’s structure are made to extend the service life to about 40 to 50 years; I-794 East-West (Milwaukee River to the Lake Interchange) where bridges will be demolished and new structures will be replaced and Lake Interchange (I-794 East-West to the Hoan Bridge) where bridge decks will be repaired and fixed.

Baker’s project manager Robert W. Bondi says that the company was preferred for this important bridge reconstruction project due to its experience and exceptional past record with WisDOT.

Michael Baker offers services like planning, design, engineering and construction for its clients globally. The key business areas of the firm include aviation, environmental, architecture, geospatial, defense, rail & transit, homeland security, transportation, telecommunications & utilities, municipal & civil, oil & gas, urban development and water. The firm has 3,250 employees and almost 110 offices across the United States. It is intended to improve its value by providing sustainable and advanced solutions for the environment and infrastructure.

Source: http://www.mbakercorp.com/

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