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Freud’s Industry First Coatings Revolutionize the Market

Freud America, Inc. has taken yet another leap in scientific advancement by introducing two industry-first protective coatings - Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating and Titanium Shield - designed to shield the blades from heat, build-up and corrosion.

The new coatings will be featured on Freud’s newest line of Panel Sizing Blades, and will result in blades that can run up to 7 times longer than standard, polished blades.

“In researching the needs of production woodworkers, we found that extremely long cutting life and exceptional finish quality was on the minds and wish lists of cabinet shops across the U.S. In fact, many panel sizing machines today do not realize their full potential due to limitations of the blade,” asserts Greg Neer, Commercial Industrial Product Development Director of Freud America, Inc. “In fact, quality panel saw blades with a long cutting life aren’t just a desire in this market, they are a requirement. Any innovation that eliminates downtime saves production facilities money, and by introducing this new line with the two cutting edge coatings, Freud has done just that.”

Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating is a revolutionary new coating that resists corrosion and resin or “pitch” build-up and resists heat twice as long as standard polished blades. Blades featuring the shiny silver-colored coating resist corrosion, build-up and have 2 times more heat resistance and life than polished blades. Silver I.C.E Coating protects the blade from heat stress that can cause rapid loss of tension, which in turn causes blade warp, over heating and poor cut quality. Additionally, this coating reduces the possibility for pitch build-up, which further reduces the heat element responsible for drag on the motor. Less drag means longer tool life and longer blade life. Less pitch also means less down time for blade cleaning.

“A reduction of pitch build-up further reduces the heat element, so the machine does not get bogged down. Not only are you getting a blade with longer life, but you’re prolonging the life of the saw’s motor as well,” explains Neer.

Titanium Shield is a state of the art aluminum/titanium coating option available only by Freud to dramatically prolong the life of panel saw blades by 7X over standard polished blades. Titanium Shield Coating virtually eliminates heat generated from friction. The coating envelops the blade plate and cutting edge in a protective layer resulting in complete thermal insulation in even the harshest conditions. Blades coated with Titanium Shield resist binding in large volume cutting, which reduces blade warp. This lubricating feature allows the blades to spin freely and reduce stress on the motor and saw carriage, in turn prolonging the life of the machine. Like Silver I.C.E., Titanium Shield eliminates pitch and debris build-up reducing down time for cleaning.

“The number one reason saw blades lose life is heat abrasion, which results in carbide stress and eventual breakdown. By coating the entire cutting surface, the blade plate and the carbide are completely protected from their number one enemy---heat,” affirms Neer.

Both coatings which are far superior to any standard, polished blade on the market are available today. Silver I.C.E. is used exclusively by Freud as a universal coating their entire line of commercial industrial saw blades.

Titanium-Shield is an upgraded coating option, available only on panel saw blades.

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