AHBE Landscape Architects and Burbank Water and Power Unveil EcoCampus

AHBE Landscape Architects (AHBE) and Burbank Water and Power (BWP) together hosted an inaugural event to commemorate the completion of the first phase of construction.

Burbank Water and Power and AHBE Landscape Architects Unveil The EcoCampus: California's First Sustainable Utility Campus

The main campus of Burbank Water and Power, which was an industrial artifact, was transformed into a sustainable model benefiting the nation. The chief guests at the event included Mayor of Burbank Jess Talamantes, Host Sarah Backhouse, Senator Carol Liu of the 21st District, and Future360 Founder.

According to the BWP General Manager, Ron Davis, BWP has worked for its community for over a century. The firm anticipates continuing its dynamic service, providing permanent solutions for intricate situations.

BWP entered into a contract with AHBE Landscape Architects located at Los Angeles, with an intent to formulate a master plan that will convert the relic industrial site into a prosperous green facility. The harmonization of industry and environment was manifested through the first phase achievement, facilitated through the combined effort of BWP and AHBE.

BWP campus accommodates three of the 50 LEED Platinum Buildingsof California including the first LEED Platinum designed warehouse.

The EcoCampus of BWP is the premier industrial project among the 150 national and international projects to be listed in Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) pilot program.

The sustainable features of the campus include the Green Space that provides an aesthetic green space for the public and for its employees with efficient operating systems like housing water filtration systems. The Administration Building includes three rooftop gardens, which minimize the heat island effect, facilitating channel and filter storm water. An architectural solar array functions as a power house for the warehouse building and LEED Platinum service center. The campus includes five water filtration technologies.

Source: http://www.burbankwaterandpower.com/

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