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Fully Integrated Whole-House Water Treatment System Launched by Water SolutionZ International

Following the successful launch of it’s CT Series™ of cleaning agents for HVAC systems in North America, Water SolutionZ International has launched the next-generation, high efficiency residential water treatment product called PureHomeRO™. The product has recently been installed in single-family custom homes as well as multi-unit luxury condominiums.

This system delivers clean, safe, soft water for the entire home providing an affordable and more effective alternative to the myriad of water treatment products such as water softeners and point-of-use water filters. Pure Home RO™ is a whole-house water purification system integrating reverse osmosis (RO) technology with other compatible methods of water conditioning. RO water treatment is a proven, effective technology commonly used in bottled water plants, hotels, restaurants and hospitals to ensure quality water.

“After significant development and testing, we are confident PureHomeRO™ is the right product at the right time. Homeowners on any source of water…municipal or well…can improve the quality and safety of their water. For smart homeowners, builders and condo associations that take it upon themselves to ensure high quality water, this advanced generation, multi-stage technology is the smart way to protect the family, the home and the real estate investment,” says Jeffery Grade, Chief Engineer of Water SolutionZ.

With a PureHomeRO™ system, the water for the entire home is cleaned and softened via a five-stage process. First, the raw water passes through a pre-filter to remove contaminants as small as 1 micron. The second stage passes the water through an activated carbon filter that is very effective with chlorine reduction and also ensures excellent taste and eliminates odors. The critical third stage pressurizes the water through an ultra-thin, semi-permeable RO membrane which reduces hardness and microscopic contaminants and pathogens such as protozoa cysts (including cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia), bacteria (including E-Coli) and viruses. The fourth stage is another carbon filter for “polishing.” The fifth stage is an ultra-violet (UV) light to ensure any possible remaining microbes are eliminated.

Problem water is more than just all the inconvenience of hard water from calcium or manganese and it is more than just smelly, troublesome water due to high levels of iron or hydrogen sulfide. In fact, some water supplies also have noticeable levels of contaminants such as chlorine, nitrates, sodium, lead, arsenic, radium, copper and bacteria. The result of having RO water throughout a home is immediate and dramatic because every faucet, sink and water-related appliance in the home delivers clean, safe, soft water. Some advantages are less obvious but are critical to healthy living and for the house itself. For example, PureHomeRO™ eliminates the absorption of chlorine into the skin from showers and baths. It provides longer life and energy efficiency for water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, ice machines and humidifiers. It also prevents rust, corrosion and fouling of pipes.

Water SolutionZ International, Inc (WSZ) is a U.S. based manufacturer and marketer of advanced water treatment equipment serving industrial, commercial and residential customers. With expertise and dedication in the water conditioning industry, they have offices throughout North America.

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