AIT Partners with Sika to Produce Eco-Friendly Cement

Ash Improvement Technology (AIT) has signed a strategic partnership with Switzerland-based Sika to develop products that will help decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) during cement production. Under the signed contract, Sika has invested to claim an equity stake in AIT.

The total production of cement in the world is approximately 3.3 Bt. Cement is the primary ingredient used in concrete, which is the construction material widely used everywhere. CO2 is released during cement production, at a rate of 850 kg CO2 for every ton of the manufactured cement. Several companies have been encouraged to find new sustainable alternative ways, as cement production has brought a considerable detrimental impact on the surroundings.

Philippe Jost, Sika’s Senior Vice President has commented that the global construction markets demand for more eco-friendly concrete and cement. Sika has been committed to provide the market with the most excellent technology in order to help the clients in generating a more sustainable product.

AIT has considered employing the CleanCem process to convert coal ash into a high value cement substitute. Globe’s largest economic countries use coal as the main power resource, which is converted to coal ash and disposed in landfills.

Coal ash is treated inside the power plant, as soon as it is formed, using AIT's proprietary technology. The end product provides flexibility during production and can be modified for several end use applications.

AIT’s CEO and President, Marc Zacharias has said that the new strength and extensive footprint of Sika all over the world will assist AIT to speed up the technology implementation and to meet the significant demand seen in several markets in the world.


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