Honest Buildings and EDF to Promote Expedite Development of High Performance Buildings

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recently declared its collaboration with Honest Buildings to promote rapid renovations, sustainable building projects and energy upgrades across the U.S.

Every week, EDF will choose one project from Honest Buildings, as a part of its EDF’s Energy Innovation Series and broadcasts the projects via social media channels. Advertising innovative, energy-efficiency building projects enables EDF and Honest Buildings to create awareness and hasten market adoption of high performance and energy efficient buildings.

The vice president of EDF’s Energy Program, Jim Marston says that analysis has to be conducted on the significant factors that promote the sustainability of buildings in the U.S. such as 70% of electricity utilization and emission of over one- third of greenhouse gases. Honest Buildings has been demonstrated to be an efficient platform to promote high-performance buildings.

The revolutionary website of Honest buildings has more than 52,000 buildings spanning around 10 B Sq.ft in the U.S. that are ENERGYSTAR and LEED qualified. The information on the website enables visitors to be familiar with the buildings, the occupants, their owners, and the service personnel. Honest Buildings is an ideal platform that enables energy efficiency vendors and service providers to display their works, link with clients and receive new business.

According to the CEO of Honest Buildings, Riggs Kubiak, the firm analyzes the factors that will contribute to innovation by establishing a strong mode of communication between the occupants, service providers and owners. Furthermore, this unique collaboration with EDF will considerably improve its performance and services.

Source: http://honestbuildings.com/

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