Jumbo HSS Products Brought to North America by Atlas Tube

Atlas Tube, a part of JMC Steel Group, recently declared its partnership with two companies Mitsui and Nippon Steel and Sumikin Metal Products (NSMP) to deliver Jumbo Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) to the markets of North America.

Atlas Tube's new Jumbo HSS range from 18" to 22" square and up to .875" wall thickness. Source: JMC STEEL GROUP/ATLAS TUBE

The extra-ordinary size of Jumbo HSS range from 18" square to 22" square and has wall thickness measuring up to .875". Jumbo HSS products will be commercialized across North America by Atlas tube. Jumbo HSS sections serve to be an advanced and economic alternative to built-up, open sections, and welded box sections utilized by structures with a high load demand. In addition, it has wide application in diagonal bracing, vertical column and functions as a component of extensive and durable trusses.

According to the president of JMC Steel Group, David Seeger, with its enhanced functional performance and versatility, the novel Jumbo HSS product serves to be an ideal choice for structural engineers for designing a variety of structures of different sizes.

The Structural Engineer for Atlas Tube, Bradlee Fletcher adds that Jumbo HSS furnishes the engineers with the comprehensive tools that are necessary for structures with large load demands including that of high seismic areas. It also enables solving the complexities and challenges related to design within a short time in a cost-effective way.

According to Nippon Steel and Sumikin Metal Products, HSS is usually employed for column applications in multistory commercial buildings and parking garages in Japan. During the recent 2011 earthquake in Japan, HSS was demonstrated to be very effective against seismic loads.

The extensive HSS products augment the existing degree of Atlas Tube. The Chicago facility of Atlas will promote the availability of these Jumbo sizes in markets during the Q2 of 2012.

Source: http://www.atlastube.com/

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