Integrity Roofing and Painting Introduces Integrity Roof Shield

Integrity Roofing and Painting is offering the “Integrity Roof Shield” which has been designed to provide optimal performance across all weathers. The system begins with hand nailing asphalt shingles which enables a stronghold during extreme winds.

The underlayment in the system consists of a protective layer which is resistant to water and acts as a barrier against leaks.

The shingle underlayment protects against leaks caused by rain driven by winds in valleys and other exposed areas such as flashing and eaves. The system is also equipped with starter shingles to enhance wind resistance, and ridge and hip caps to resist impact and for additional protection from wind, hail and rain.

The class 4 roofing system by Integrity Roofing and Painting comes with underwritten warranty from CertainTeeds. As part of the warranty provided by CertainTeeds, Integrity Roofing and Painting will provide annual inspections and service for the first three years and CertainTeeds will provide warranty for the remaining25 years. Most insurance companies charge a lesser premium for class 4 roofs.

According to Jerry Fristoe, owner of Integrity Roofing and Painting, the idea of integrating its Integrity Roof Shield with the best warranties and products available in the industry was necessary and timely since the government has increased tax deductibles for homeowners and removed certain important features of insurance coverage such as recoverable depreciation.


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