Shea Concrete Supplies Ballasts for Power Plant Project

UK based Shea Concrete has announced that it has completed the delivery of ballasts for a power plant. According to the contract, the company was the sole supplier of the ballasts and was responsible for manufacturing an encasement for two 660 linear feet runs of 48” outfall pipes.

Shea Concrete is the exclusive provider of ballasts for the Somerset site

The pipes will be used to transport blow down water from the plant to a discharge canal.

The final stage of the power plant project was completed by the end of March this year. The deadline for the project was shortened which led the project managers to pull in Shea Concrete so that the project could be completed within the stipulated time. The main challenge for this project was to come up with a feasible solution which could be installed below water easily. However, for this the composition of the concrete had to be altered to include a dose of Rheocrete CNI and micro silica so that corrosion during the reinforcement of the ballasts could be reduced.

Keeping the time constraint in mind, Shea Concrete installed a tongue and groove system comprising of 51 ballasts in different sizes and weighing between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. Due to this facility, the constructors were able to set up the unit onshore and helped in avoiding any potential maintenance work under water. After the pipeline was inspected, it was taken to the sea and placed in the exact location.

Shea Concrete is certified by the National Precast Concrete Association.


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