Faux Panels Launches New Cultured Stone Siding Panels

US-based Faux Panels has now expanded its panelling line with the addition of Versette. This line consists of cultured stone siding panels with a natural appearance. This line enables customers to employ the classic look into their buildings without the necessity of using a mason.

Stone veneer is the perfect finishing touch for this classic home

The President of Faux Panel stated that customers were reluctant to use cultured stone in their buildings since it required labour and reinforcement.

Versette has been launched to remove these obstacles and to reduce the expenses incurred by homeowners. The product is made from moulds containing a combination of actual stone and a lightweight cement-based aggregate material. This feature makes Versette strong and yet much lighter than regular stone. This feature also means the walls where Versette is used do not require reinforcing. Installation of Versette also does not require specialised masonry since they can be fitted with screw-in panels. The time taken for installation is also lesser and maintenance costs are lower. Versette does not require sealing, coating or painting and is resistant to termites.

The brand is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use since it has Class-A fire rating and can be used for an entire room or an accent wall. The product is available in Random Rock and Ledgestone designs and in three colours. About 50% of the materials used for the moulding of Versette are recycled and the stone is not cut from the quarry. This makes the product environment friendly.

Source: http://www.fauxpanels.com


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