Ramtech Building Systems Celebrates Major Milestone

Ramtech Building Systems of Mansfeld, Texas, commemorates an important breakthrough in the company¡¦s 30-year existence by manufacturing its 16,000th modular building section in July 2012.

Ramtech 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility

The company was initiated in 1982 as a leasing company who initially bought its modular buildings from regional wholesale dealers. In 1985, Ramtech started its own manufacturing unit at its corporate headquarters. Not obtaining premanufactured buildings that met the company¡¦s high standards and requirements, it endeavoured to manufacture its own prefabricated buildings that satisfied customer needs. Then onwards, the organization has become a pioneer in designing and building temporary and permanent modular structures to cater to educational, business, healthcare and government sectors.

Ramtech¡¦s first achievement was redesigning the way portable classrooms were built in the Texas public school district. The school districts were engaging construction companies to build portable classrooms on-site in the designated locations. Later, when the schools had to relocate the buildings they had to employ expensive movers and the big buildings could not be moved long distances. Hence, Ramtech designed low-cost portable classroom buildings that could be built offsite, which could be moved as one single unit or split into two units, thus enabling the shifting of the buildings over longer distances.

Twenty-seven years after buying the first portable modular classroom from Ramtech, the Arlington Texas Independent School District still purchases the buildings from Ramtech. The company¡¦s portable, two-classroom structures are available from the company¡¦s inventory and can be purchased or leased and relocated, sold, or returned when the additional space is not needed anymore.

Ramtech¡¦s huge inventory of new and leasable portable structures costs 20%ƒ{30% lesser than site-built structures but yet conforms to the building regulations of commercial site-built structures and can be installed as quickly as two or three weeks in regions of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. The popularity of these structures has made Ramtech come up with 4 to 16 modular classroom structures under one roof.

Source: http://www.ramtechgroup.com

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