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Housing Boom Increases Demand for Genuine Clay Bricks

Research says that genuine clay brick manufacturers are continuously investing in innovative technology for sustainable exteriors, despite the cautious rebound of the U.S. housing market. Brick manufacturers offer continued environmental support by increasing environmental efficiency with plants and new textures and colors. They have been providing steady jobs and supporting the Made-in-America quality as well as green building design options of the country.

According to the President and CEO of the Brick Industry Association (BIA), Gregg Borchelt, brick is the place where imaginations and green living meet. Though there are some imitations available, there is no substitute for genuine clay exteriors that have American-made bricks. The imitations are synthetic materials fabricated to look like American-made bricks.

In the last century, the American brick industry has provided employment to thousands with high wages. Workers in this field have up to 30 years of experience and are often from rural communities where the manufacturing plants are established. Genuine clay bricks are produced from local resource centers that are often not more than 500 miles from each other.

Genuine clay brick is seen as a sign of sustainable building design. There are some other exterior options that cost lower than genuine clay bricks, but they do not offer the superior value that the latter do. Genuine clay bricks incur low or no maintenance cost, offer superior durability and moisture control, are beautiful and have designs in a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and blends. Genuine clay bricks are fire resistant and free of volatile organic compounds.



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