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Bayou City Lumber Offers Specially Treated Fire-Resistant Wood

Responding to customer demand, Bayou City Lumber has recently begun carrying Fire Resistant Lumber. To celebrate, the lumberyard is offering special deals on this type of lumber.

Homeowners and ranchers in Houston can enjoy an added layer of protection from fires with fire resistant lumber. Available from Bayou City Lumber, this specially treated wood is resistant to fire, a commonplace event for many Texas area residents. A fire that starts in the rear of a property cannot engulf a fence and find its way to the house or barn when property owners have invested in this special lumber.

Independently Tested

No wood is completely fire proof, but some types will burn faster and hotter than others. Independent testing confirms that the lumber offered by Bayou City will char in a fire, but it does not actually ignite and burn. Flames are prevented from spreading, and that gives property owners an opportunity to see the fire and extinguish it before it reaches important buildings.

Strong and Durable

When a fire takes out part of a property, homeowners have several problems that they encounter. In addition to the fire damage, they also have to rush to rebuild fences to protect the property lines or contain livestock. With treated lumber from Bayou City, the wood fencing will not buck or twist. This provides the homeowner with valuable time to make repairs without worrying about a loss of livestock or other problems.

The Test of Time

Fire resistant lumber is not a new concept. Standard lumber that has been treated to resist burning, it has been in use for decades to protect institutional buildings. In recent years, it has become a popular choice in neighborhoods that are near forested areas. Ideal for a range of construction projects, it can protect homes and ranch buildings from the rapid spread of fire.


Bayou Lumber has very attractive prices on fire resistant fencing; its ability to resist fire makes it more cost-effective than untreated lumber. Inhibiting fire and preventing it from spreading, ranchers will only have to replace a small section of fencing after a fire. With regular pressure treated fencing, the fire would spread rapidly and engulf a much larger section of fence. Potentially reaching the dwelling or outbuildings, the cost of repairs after a fire can become astronomical without fire resistant lumber.

Large Inventory

Property owners can build the right fence for their needs with fencing materials from Bayou City Lumber. Fence pieces are available in lengths between 12 and 20 feet. Choose fire treated lumber for the posts, rails and pickets to create the right fence for a residential property in the suburbs or a sprawling ranch in the countryside.

Readily Available

With lumber readily available, homeowners will not have to wait to have fire resistant lumber ordered. Bayou City carries a large selection, and they are happy to keep fire resistant lumber in stock for their customer's convenience.

Homeowners who are building a fence in any area prone to fires should consider the benefits of fire resistant lumber. Corrosion resistant and pressure-treated, it is a cost-effective choice that will provide property owners with years of protection. Visit Bayou City Lumber for the most competitive pricing and an extensive selection of dimensions in stock. Located at 11106 Telephone Road in Houston, they can be reached at 866-501-4507 or 713-991-2377.

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