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Moldex - A New Mold Cleaner And Inhibitor For Mold By EnviroCare

EnviroCare Corporation, developer of mold resistant solutions for professionals, has expanded its product line with Moldex™ - a disinfectant product for builders, painters, property managers and consumers.

The new household and industrial cleaning product will complement EnviroCare’s coating technologies as a full-system to address mold. Moldex™ will also be available nationwide at home and garden centers, hardware stores, lumberyards and paint and wallcovering stores as it joins it’s counter-part called ForSite™, which is a permanent, mold-resistant sealer.

ForSite™ has been available since January of 2005. For additional retail outlets in the US telephone 877-463-2628 or visit

"Moldex™ is being introduced as a perfect companion product to fill the demand for small homeowner repairs as well as large industrial cleaning projects for those customers using ForSite™ and our field applicators needing an effective cleaner prior to applications in new construction explains Bryan Redler, CEO, EnviroCare Corporation. The company pioneered silver-based mold-resistant coating technology and remediation products with the earlier introduction of E-Coat Certified™ for new construction.

EnviroCare Corporation was founded in l999 and is a member of Associated Building Material Distributors (ABM). Moldex™ and ForSite™ may be used in new construction or as maintenance cleaner for everyday, household use. Moldex™ may also be used in conjunction with mold remediation as a step in restoring water-damaged building materials. Moldex™ sprays-on with an easy to use trigger sprayer or, can be applied in bulk with a typical garden type sprayer.

Moldex™ is a proven quaternary compound which has been tested and approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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