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Property Perfections Announce Wide Release of "Safe Shield (IT)" Black Mold Removal and Blocker Solution

Property Perfections Cleaning Supply division today announced a wide release of "Safe Shield (IT)" Black Mold Removal and Blocker Solution, an all natural mold killing product and prevention application. The cleaning product cleans black mold and assists in mold removal on any moldy surface. Immediately removes mold and prevents mold from growing back by an all new revolutionary system of attacking the DNA makeup of the spores. Currently available at Property Perfections - Safe Shield is used for commercial cleaning and home owner mold removal and odor control.

Black Mold has become an epidemic and treating it with harmful chemicals such as bleach just adds more toxins into the human system. The problem is black mold keeps coming back and it is toxic. So mold removal is a must, but after cleaning the black mold with any of the latest cleaning product within two weeks following, the black mold enzymes reappear on the same surfaces causing headache and more work for mold removal companies and home owners. By not fully removing the mold and encapsulating spores home owners are dragging mold removal companies to the court room because of mold growing back and no black mold prevention solution being put in place as there was no liquid solution on placed on the surface of any left over material in the project.

In order for mold removal to be permanent a change in the DNA makeup of the mold had to occur. Creating Mold Removal in the past has used some harsh chemicals that would need protective equipment to apply keeping certain cleaning products out of the consumers reach and unavailable to mold cleaning companies. Finally, an all natural product that will keep black mold from growing back that has been developed and released to the mold removal companies and finally consumers that contains no harsh chemicals, no acids, and no odor.

The key to Safe Shield black mold removal product has been the multipurpose cleaning capabilities for indoor and environments and it's revolutionary mold blocking capability. A normal commercial cleaning job time is cut in half and much more security is placed in the mold removal job being done correctly, keeping mold removal companies out of the court rooms five years later after the project has been complete.

For homeowners, Property Perfections all natural mold product has literally treated A/C systems, carpet cleaning, mold odors, and tile grout to stay white and clean. Cutting down the time for scrubbing away mold and mildew this all-natural black mold cleaning solution has lessened work for the every day house cleaner.

Being an all natural product also plays a huge part in deodorizing indoor air quality. Applying the solution into A/C ductwork acts as a duct cleaning solution and odor control for A/C contractors creating a huge cleaning techniques for A/C companies dealing with mold a/c units.

For the past few years cleaning companies especially mold removal companies have been in courtrooms because of heated debates that the mold removal project was done incorrectly. Up till today, now mold removal companies are staying out of the courtroom and using prevention methods for black mold by applying Safe Shield an all-natural solution to remove black mold and encapsulate it with a clear-coated protective solution.

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