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New Transportable EXLS Water-Cooled Load Bank System from ComRent

ComRent, a leading global provider of load bank testing, rentals and service, today announced the availability of the new EXLS water-cooled load bank system. The custom-engineered EXLS is the industry’s first in-aisle, easily transportable, water-cooled load bank, designed to conduct precision electrical testing of the power systems and thermal testing of liquid chiller systems simultaneously.

According to a March 2012 report from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the single most challenging issue for the design, build and maintenance of today’s modern data centers is the efficient cooling of the facility’s mission-critical equipment. Low]power dissipation liquid-cooled equipment or water-cooled devices, at either rack level or rack proximity, are popular alternatives to help reduce energy expenses associated with cooling data centers.

The EXLS provides an attractive alternative to cooling data centers by introducing a modular, lightweight system that offers commissioning professionals unprecedented resolution control and flexibility when conducting commissioning tests on chiller plant and chilled water loop validation. Designed initially for the data center industry where high power density water-cooled servers are growing in popularity, the EXLS has also attracted interest from commercial HVAC commissioning sources strictly for its ease of use to validate industrial chiller systems.

“Data center commissioning professionals tasked with testing water-cooled, high-density mainframes and other data center equipment have had few choices when it comes to verification testing. They were forced to either purchase expensive, heavy work-around solutions that were not designed to give accurate testing results in a modern, water-cooled environment, or perform separate tests on the chiller plant and the chilled water loop," explained Clayton Taylor, founder and Chairman of ComRent. “The ComRent EXLS server simulation load bank is the only system that enables end-to-end testing of both the chiller plant and chilled water loop flow rates in addition to validating the Delta T (temperature rise) in a true operating environment."

As commercial chiller and HVAC systems have become more technologically complex and owners become more sensitive to the costs of inefficient cooling systems, ComRent has been called on to validate water cooling systems in several scenarios outside the data center industry. Verifying LEED compliance and system performance for LEED certified facilities has become an important topic in the design-build industry. The precision controls available on the EXLS provide an advantage to professionals tasked with accurately measuring thermal efficiency.

Additional features of the modular EXLS water-cooled load bank include:

  • 70 percent lighter than other water-cooled load banks on the market and easier to position throughout the facility’s raised floor, at chilled water loop taps.
  • Infinitely variable BTU settings and variable flow control via electronic servos can be networked and managed as a complete system from a single laptop computer or Android device.
  • Proprietary, tankless heat exchanger design, requiring a mere 18 gallons of water. This design innovation translates into a faster, more accurate end-to-end validation test of the chiller plant and chilled water loop.
  • Reduces the weight stress on the data center floor and lowers the risk of site damage that can be caused by water spills at the connection tap or as a result of boiler leaks.

ComRent will be hosting an informational webinar discussing the design and features of the EXLS on May 30, 2013. To register for this webinar or to learn about other ComRent products and services, please visit or call 888-881-7118.

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