Three New Publications Available from American Concrete Institute

The American Concrete Institute announces the availability of three new publications:

  • 207.4R-05 – Cooling and Insulating Systems for Mass Concrete – This report reviews pre-cooling, post-cooling, and insulating systems. A simplified method for computing the temperature of freshly mixed concrete cooled by various systems is also presented. $39.50 (ACI members $24.00)
  • SP 230 – 7th International Symposium Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures – This two-volume set contains 95 papers from the 7th International Symposium and includes chapters devoted to materials characterization, masonry, bond, external strengthening, serviceability, design and behavior of members internally reinforced with FRP composites, FRP used for confinement, field applications, extreme events, and durability. The technical papers not only emphasize the experimental, analytical, and numerical validations of using FRP composites for FRP composites for externally strengthening or internally reinforcing concrete structures, but most are aimed at providing the insight needed for improving existing design guidelines. Several papers discuss the proposed design guidelines for deflections, shear strength, and reinforcing masonry, which practitioners should find useful. New applications are also featured, including studies and design equations for the use of near-surface-mounted FRP products, use of steel-reinforced polymer for reinforcing concrete, and the use of FRP to retrofit structures for blast mitigation. FRP composites performance is presented in chapters on durability and extreme events. Also available on CD-ROM. $141.50 (ACI members $85.00)
  • SP 231 – Ned H. Burns Symposium on Historics Innovations in Prestressed Concrete – This publication consists of papers on Historic Innovations in Prestressed Concrete, presented at the Ned. H. Burns Symposium during the ACI Fall 2005 Convention. The collection of papers presents a range of topics describing historic innovations in prestressed concrete over the past half-century, and includes topics such as early uses of prestressed concrete by industry pioneers in Europe and the United States, development of construction techniques and design standards for several different prestressed concrete applications, and the use of innovative modern materials such as self-consolidating concrete and fiber-reinforced polymers. $63.50 (ACI members $39.00)

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