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Everlast Epoxy Launches New Flooring Product for Auto Repair Facilities

Following an avalanche of requests from businesses and consumers, Everlast Epoxy Systems, a leading manufacturer of commercial epoxy flooring, has created Everlast Auto Floor. The newly launched line includes Everlast Service Floor, specially formulated for auto repair facility floors, and Everlast Garage Floor, designed for use by consumers in their garages, patios, dens or "man caves."

Everlast's Garage Epoxy Flooring. (PRNewsFoto/Everlast Epoxy Systems)

"Each floor has its own special needs," explains company spokesperson David Linton. "And getting started without understanding those needs is a sure way to cut your floor's lifespan in half." That's why every floor that Everlast Epoxy Systems produces is completely different, even though many of them look alike.

Everlast Service Floor Solves Problems for Repair Shops

Epoxy flooring manufacturers commonly take a one-size-fits-all approach to their product line. Everlast sees things differently. "Our auto floor epoxy is specially formulated for concrete auto repair facility floors and for the abuse those floors take," says Linton. With a three-coat paint system -- epoxy primer coating, heavy-duty intermediate coat, and tough urethane topcoat – the Everlast Epoxy Service Floor does not flake and peel as quickly as other epoxy floor paints. "This is good news for business owners who don't want to interrupt their work flow or their profit flow to refinish floors."

Available in colors ranging from atlantic blue to desert tan to electric red, Everlast Service Floor epoxy has a clean, fresh, and modern appearance that is easy to clean and maintain. "This makes a great first impression on customers, and that positive impression lasts," notes Linton. Thanks to the color properties of the urethane sealant, Everlast epoxy floor paint colors won't yellow.

Additionally, in contrast with non-reflective concrete, when a floor is coated with Everlast, "space literally lightens up," says Linton. "This increases visibility and help a facility look well-maintained."

Everlast Garage Floor Gives Cars & Tools a Better Light

Everlast Garage Floor transforms gray, unprotected and worn-out garage, patio, and den flooring into beautiful, easy-to-clean, healthy and hygienic surface. Available in kits, it is specifically designed for the do-it-yourselfer.

The kits were developed for ease of use and application, providing you the ability to install a high quality epoxy floor coating system without the large expense of professional installation.

Inventing the Solution

Since 2006, Everlast Epoxy Systems has given restaurant kitchen and veterinary clinic floors a chance to shine, with epoxy flooring solutions that keep them attractive and durable. "After visiting commercial facilities all across America, with just about every type floor known to man, we decided epoxy floors had the best potential," says Linton.

But while epoxy resins were tough, the floors the Everlast team inspected still had suspiciously low lifespans. Research revealed that contractors and manufacturers were saving costs by using an excess amount of aggregate and not enough resins. In addition, the resins were not designed to withstand the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen.

With the help of industrial chemists, Everlast created its own resin. "Our floor formula has some of the strongest and most expensive resins around," reports Linton. Treating a floor with Everlast epoxy flooring is like putting a wet suit on concrete: it seals and waterproofs." Linton notes that one of the ingredients is also in F-16 fighter jets, making Everlast's epoxy floors uniquely well-armored to tolerate some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

About Everlast Epoxy Systems

Everlast Epoxy Systems is a leading manufacturer of commercial epoxy flooring systems tailored for specific applications. The company's newest products are Everlast Service Floor designed for auto repair facilities and Everlast Garage Floor. For a free quote and more information about the entire Everlast Epoxy family of flooring solutions, please visit or call (800) 708-9870.

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