Surveyors' Guide To Modern Methods Of Construction

As more and more dwellings are built using modern methods of construction (MMC), surveyors are increasingly being required to assess dwellings of markedly different construction to the conventional masonry structures they are used to. With this in mind the BRE Trust has published a pocket guide to MMC specifically for surveyors.

Modern methods of construction: A surveyor's guide introduces surveyors to the range of constructions currently being used, thereby enabling them to produce more meaningful and informed reports for their clients.

Keith Ross the author of the guide says, 'Pressure from Government to increase the rate of housing supply, a diminishing skills base and higher performance requirements for dwellings have resulted in the introduction of a wide range of innovative components and construction systems into house construction. The planning system, on the other hand, has remained conservative and in general has restricted the introduction of visually different finishes to the exterior of dwellings. The result has been that, while builders have begun to introduce innovative components and systems into their product, they have at the same time been required to make the resulting dwellings resemble conventional construction as closely as possible - it can be very confusing for surveyors.'

The guide gives surveyors an insight into how to differentiate between houses built using modern methods of construction and those built using more traditional site based techniques such as brick and block cavity construction. Produced in an easy-to-use format it provides:

  • an overview of the principal forms of housing constructed by MMC to demonstrate the fundamental differences between these methods of construction and those expected to be used on a block and brick cavity based building
  • specific examples of the visual clues that can help the surveyor to recognise what form of construction has been used
  • a checklist to use on site.

Modern methods of house construction: A surveyor's, guide is published by BRE Press, Garston, Watford, Herts, WD25 9XX, Reference FB11, Price £20. It can be purchased online at

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