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What Do The State Of Your Toilets Say About Your Business?

Organisations providing sub-standard washroom facilities beware. Portaloo, the UK’s leading supplier of portable restroom facilities is stepping up its drive to stamp out the use of poor quality toilet facilities across the country.

John Smith, Portaloo Business Manager, said: ‘Our research has shown that people increasingly expect to find the same standards of toilet facilities as they would in their own home in all circumstances – whether they are at work, on holiday or out shopping. If these expectations aren’t met, nearly three-quarters of the UK population would take its business elsewhere.’

‘Poor quality, unhygenic toilets are not only unpleasant to use, they also put people’s health at risk. As a business that prides itself on only providing the highest quality facilities, we want to encourage organisations in all sectors across the country to ensure that their toilets and washrooms offer the comfort and hygiene standards people expect and deserve. We also want this to be a business priority at all times, even in short-term circumstances such as refurbishment projects.

‘This time next year, I hope to see even greater numbers of organisations making the provision of quality toilet facilities a priority, not only for the sake of their customers and employees, but also for their own profitability and success.’

To support this drive, Portaloo has received significant investment from its parent company, Portakabin, to further strengthen the brand and the business.

This includes more staff, increasing the fleet of buildings available to hire, and introducing new products - such as the acclaimed Portaloo Junior toilet building – all of which provides customers with complete peace of mind that the quality of facilities and service provided by the team will be second-to-none.

John continued: ‘The Portaloo business has grown by more than 65% over the last couple of years and we have seen more and more organisations, in an increasing number of sectors, recognising the importance of providing quality amenities, and the impact that not doing this will have on their business. ‘We want to ensure that this awareness and understanding continues to grow over the next 12 months so that poor quality, unsanitary toilets become a thing of the past.’

With 40 years’ experience in providing portable toilet, washroom and shower facilities, Portaloo is well positioned to provide expert advice and guidance to any organisation that wants to improve the facilities it has to offer.

To find out how your organisation could benefit from quality toilet and shower facilties, visit for more details.

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