CBS Structures Introduces ‘Tropicalized House’ to Africa

CBS Structures Inc. announced today that it is introducing its "Tropicalized House" to Africa.


CBS Structures Inc. has been building its specialty fiberglass buildings for over 34 years and is now rapidly expanding in the tropical climates of the frontier markets because of surging demand. In 1999, CBS built for the US Department of Defense specialty hurricane and typhoon proof buildings in the Marshall Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. The Dept of Defense is now increasing that order.

CBS Structures is now implementing in Africa the same CBS specialty fiberglass/foam building technology which works very well for the USA Department of Defense.

"We will help every Mother and Child and Dad in Africa acquire a CBS home through our advanced building techniques and financial technology," Robert A Knutson, Director of Marketing for CBS Structures stated.

In addition to the USA Department of Defense, CBS Structures' buildings have been tested under severe weather conditions and approved by USA Federal Agencies-USA Department of Housing (HUD), and the USA Federal Emergency Management (FEMA). The US States of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas have tested CBS product with favorable results.

Dicky Howard Sparks, President of CBS Structures Inc., observed-"We just finished our third trip to Africa and the demand for CBS Structures buildings for housing, schools, hospitals, college dormitories, and municipal buildings was overwhelming. Our buildings require almost no maintenance and are assembled in 4 hours. There is tremendous interest in our specially developed "bullet proof" house also."

CBS Structures developed 2 unique programs to make housing more affordable: standardization of the "alpha building block" and the "Mommie Mae Housing Finance" program. These 2 programs coupled together provide the foundation for a housing policy that will spread across Africa.

Emanuel Oladunni, President of GMV Advantage Ltd,Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Oladunni, explained "when I brought the CBS people, their building samples and explanation video throughout Nigerian communities there was tremendous interest. Many people in Africa live in substandard living quarters and the CBS house lifted their spirits and hopes for a brighter future."

The demand for affordable housing as Africa rapidly urbanizes is astounding. In Nigeria alone, officials state Nigeria has a "housing deficit of 23 million and at least one million homes must be built in Nigeria every year to catch up. Future housing need is growing because the Continent of Africa has the youngest population in the world, at 18.6 years.

Robert A Knutson states "We at CBS Structures have the "antidote to terrorism" and "the key to domestic tranquility" with our proven, affordable, dwelling unit. Our CBS homes and factories will create thousands of good paying jobs also."

SOURCES: UN-Habitat, McKinsey & Company, and CBS Structures Inc.

Robert A. Knutson, CBS Structures Inc.

Telephone + 1 212 319 3109

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