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Unparalleled Strength and Reliability From ABLOY’S Innovative Lock Mechanism

EXEC® is Abloy Security’s latest one-way patented mechanism that provides virtually pickproof security for use in any external or internal application.

Robust and hardwearing, this mechanism is ideally suited to demanding applications such as museums, retail establishments, galleries, and utilities.

EXEC features a rotating disc mechanism that offers great strength and smooth operation due to the patented disc steering system, which guides the key into the lock and keeps the discs turning together, even in extreme climatic and environmental conditions. The lock mechanism offers a long service life that requires little or no maintenance, as its innovative design does not use pins or springs which can wear over time.

The ABLOY EXEC cylinder mechanism is ideally suited to applications in which locks of a similar type are used, and is particularly suited to cam and furniture locks due to its key-retaining feature. Furthermore, EXEC offers extensive master keying possibilities regardless of how many locks are involved or how many levels of access are required. Master key systems offer hierarchical access control where members of staff hold and carry only one key that allows access to their authorised areas only. In contrast to having a large bunch that is available to everybody, the issue of just one key to each individual significantly improves the standard and level of security, reducing the risk of unauthorised access while enhancing the smooth day to day running of any establishment.

For optimal security a strict key registration system is offered so that keys cannot be cut without the correct authorisation. This system provides a choice of three varying security levels so that the most appropriate option can be selected for each individual application.

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