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BASF Improves Dispersion of MasterFiber MAC Matrix Product in Concrete with New Packaging

BASF today announced new packaging for its Master Builders Solutions brand MasterFiber MAC Matrix macrosynthetic fiber that allows for enhanced performance in concrete.

The sophisticated packaging condenses the fibers in an aligned format, improving their dispersion in the concrete mixture compared to traditional loose fiber packaging.

The improved dispersion resulting from the aligned fibers reduces balling, positively impacting placement, screeding and finishing operations during concrete production and placement. Additionally, the alignment of the fibers prevents individual fibers from curling and becoming tangled prior to use, enhancing finishing properties.

“When fibers are packaged loosely in bags, they can get matted together like a nest, creating production challenges for concrete producers and contractors,” said Tony Schlagbaum, Group Product Manager, Admixture Systems. “With this new innovation, the MasterFiber MAC Matrix fibers are lined up like toothpicks to promote even dispersion in the concrete mixture.”

Other benefits of the new packaging include ease-of-use through the ability to add unopened bags directly into the concrete mixer. Also, the condensed package size resulting from the aligned fibers provides freight and distribution efficiencies and reduced storage requirements for concrete producers. Specifically, the new package size allows for more than double the fiber volume in the same footprint as the traditional packaging.

“Feedback on the benefits of this unique new packaging has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Juan Alfonso Garcia, Vice President, Admixture Systems, for BASF in North America. “We are very pleased that this investment in packaging will result in great improvements for concrete producers and contractors using fiber in their projects.”

Typical synthetic fibers are utilized to help improve the properties of concrete. Some of these benefits include reduction of plastic shrinkage cracking, reduction of crack-width, increased ductility, and increased toughness. MasterFiber MAC Matrix is primarily used as a secondary reinforcement in slab-on-ground applications, precast elements, and composite metal decks.

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