Holcim’s Projects Recognized for Delivering Sustainability-Enhanced Solutions at World of Concrete Conference

Holcim (US) Inc. is thrilled to announce four of its projects received recognition during the World of Concrete conference at the 2015 Triad Awards in Las Vegas.

The 2015 Triad Award winner was Pena Boulevard Concrete Paving with Envirocore project's complex coordination and state-of-the-art design allowed the main roadway into the bustling Denver International Airport to remain open while the project was executed.

This project required thoughtful planning as the existing concrete pavement had severe alkali-silica reactivity damage, and the airport's heavy use of magnesium chloride deicer required effective drainage features to minimize chemical concentration in specific areas. The mix design that was used in this project was a flexural strength mix with Envirocore portland-limestone, which allowed for a more consistent concrete bath and better platform for the concrete paver. This resulted in a smoother ride on the finished roadway.

The Mississippi State University Davis Wade Stadium and the 2014 Illinois Tollway I-90 Westbound Mainline Paving Upgrades also took home awards as the runners-up for their projects. Mississippi State University chose to upgrade the Davis Wade Stadium and committed that the project would showcase innovation and sustainability in design and construction. Specifically, the university wanted a concrete mix design that replaced at least 50 percent of cement with low-carbon-footprint supplemental cementitious materials. Not only did Holcim develop a mix design that introduced portland-limestone cement as a sustainable material, it also created this mix to improve the strength and setting performance with the fly ash and slag cement used.

With the 2014 Illinois Tollway I-90 Westbound Mainline Paving Upgrades project, it was imperative that the mix utilized be as performance-capable and sustainable as possible, to allow the three-lane-wide roadway to stand up to high traffic. Holcim used cutting-edge technology to supply two mixes enabling the project to be a success.

The last recognized entry focused on creating a new courthouse to be a LEED building in Pueblo, Colorado. In order to gain LEED certification a building must include many sustainable and energy-efficient design strategy features. Holcim worked with Transit Mix Concrete to provide a variety of innovative and sustainable concrete mixes containing Envirocore portland-limestone cement and Class F fly ash. As a result, all mix designs exceeded the design and field performance requirements during the aggressive construction schedule, which included extreme heat and cold.

"Holcim is dedicated to expanding our portfolio of sustainability-enhanced solutions which are not only our products, but also the services we provide to our customers in order to achieve better social and environmental performance," said Filiberto Ruiz, Holcim (US) president and chief executive officer. "I'm proud of the Holcim team for continually working toward this goal and for helping our customers build better structures that have less of an impact on the environment.

"We're honored to have been recognized for the imaginative and superior work that Holcim consistently produces," he continued.

About Holcim (US) Inc.
Holcim (US) Inc. is a subsidiary of Holcim Ltd, and one of the nation's leading manufacturers and suppliers of cement and mineral components. Holcim (US) has approximately 1,800 employees and operates 12 manufacturing plants and more than 50 distribution facilities in the United States.

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