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MityLite Enhances Patented Magnattach Portable Dance Floor

MityLite today announced several new design enhancements to its patented Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor that further contribute to the floor’s ease of use and durability. The new Magnattach floor design is 28 percent thinner and lighter than the prior version, making it, by comparison, the lightest dance floor panel in the industry.

The thinner 4-foot square panel also decreases the number of transport carts needed and reduces the storage footprint. A Magnattach transport cart can now hold 26 panels or 416 square feet, but only occupies 12.5 square feet, giving it the highest floor storage density in the industry.

“For nearly 20 years, the Magnattach Portable Dance Floor has outperformed all competitive floors in speed, durability, and safety,” said MityLite Marketing Vice President Spencer Posey. “By improving the already impressive attributes of this floor, upfront costs are quickly offset by the labor and maintenance savings, making Magnattach the superior choice for hospitality venues worldwide.”

Whatever the occasion, the patented design of the Magnattach Portable Dance Floor enables fast and efficient assembly and disassembly. For example, setup of a 20-by-20 Magnattach floor can be completed in less than seven minutes. This speed is only attainable through high-strength Neodymium magnets that simply lock the panels and edge ramps into position. There are no moving parts, attachment holes, or assembly tools required. Interlocking steel bars eliminate any chance of panel shift or separation. The speed by which a Magnattach floor is set up or disassembled translates into a reduction of time and labor costs by up to 90 percent when compared against 3-foot square, set-screw type dance floors.

The lower-profile panel and Magnattach edge ramp design promote greater safety by allowing for a gentler transition onto the dance floor. A one-piece, welded corner ramp prevents gapping (a common tripping hazard) that is typical of other floors. Also unique to Magnattach, aluminum edge ramps span the panel seams of the floor, serving as a vice lock around the perimeter of the floor.

MityLite offers six low-maintenance, commercial-grade Wilsonart® laminate finishes with access to hundreds of custom laminate options. Magnattach is backed by the longest warranty in the industry and resists warping, fading, chipping, fading, and denting. For additional information, call 800.327.1692, 801.224.0589, or visit


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