New Research Report on Smart Windows Materials Markets 2015-2022

The Smart Windows Materials Markets 2015-2022 research report says that the smart windows market continues to offer important opportunities to materials suppliers and helps identify as well as quantify the opportunities in the smart windows materials space.

Complete report on materials of smart windows market spread across 8 major chapters, talking about 9 - 10 suppliers and supported with 23 exhibits is now available at .

Older technologies - such as photochromics - are becoming more competitive with the dominant SPD and electrochromic materials and there are also entirely new materials such as hydrogels and versioned display materials that are beginning to play in the smart windows market space. Also impressive is the recent willingness of deep pocket investors and other well-known firms to get involved in the smart windows space. With these developments in mind, this report identifies and quantifies the opportunities in the smart windows market and materials space. It contains a granular eight-year forecast in both volume and value terms as well as an assessment of the strategies being deployed in this market by notable firms. The technologies/materials covered in this report include electrochromic, photochromic, hydrogel, thermochromics, PDLC, SPD, hydrogels, pixel-based technologies and microblinds.

The forecasts and analysis cover not only the active smart materials used in these technologies, but also the substrate materials; both plastic and glass. The research also examines changing manufacturing patterns within the smart windows market and materials segment. In addition, this report analyzes a number of different business models being used in the smart windows market and shows how materials play into the total smart windows value chain. A dedicated chapter on electrochromic smart windows talks about evolution of this market segment, metal oxides, polymers and viologens, manufacturing developments and need for improvements , products and suppliers - including The EC Windows Supply Chain, ChromoGenics (Sweden), Continental Automotive Systems, EControl-Glas (Germany), e-Chromic Technologies (United States), Gentex (United States), Gesimat (Germany), NexTint (United States), Sage Electrochromics (United States) and View - eight-year forecasts of electrochromic materials in smart windows covering five reasons to be bullish about EC smart windows and a note on switching speeds and how they influence materials choice.

The emerging materials platforms for smart windows chapter of this research cover information on alternatives to current smart windows platforms, hydrogels for smart windows? , likely technology and market evolution [on the potential for multifunctional coatings using hydrogels, East China University of Science and Technology (China), Dong-A University (Korea) and Fraunhofer IAP (Germany)], smart windows from e-paper technology: University of Cincinnati, micro-blinds, Merck, Peer+ and Licrivision and the commercial future of new smart windows materials.


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