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Zodiac Pool Systems Launches Jandy® Pro Series Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (Zodiac®), a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, has introduced its new Jandy® Pro Series Corona Discharge Ozone Generators, featuring ceramic plasma technology that sets a new standard in corona discharge (CD) reliability.

The Jandy corona discharge (CD) system design has eliminated the most vulnerable components typically found in a CD ozone generator, i.e., glass and stainless steel. Glass and metal are typically the first materials to corrode and ultimately lead to catastrophic failure of traditional CD systems.

Ceramic plasma technology is also impervious to water. Should any water enter the cell, it will eventually dry, and then the cell will resume production. Minimal amounts of nitric acid production will then remove any impurities left from the water, and the cell will eventually return to optimal production levels. Water ingress will have no effect on the power supply.

Ozone works well as a supplemental sanitizer, providing pool owners the most eco-friendly, natural and safe pool water when used in combination with salt water systems, chlorine feeders and Nature2 mineral sanitizers. When dissolved in water, ozone gas can kill pathogens and microorganisms, destroy organics, and break down chloramines by oxidation. This occurs immediately at the ozone gas injection point, and continues through the main return. A small residual amount of dissolved ozone enters the pool, providing further oxidation and sanitation of contaminants.

Ozone has several practical benefits for swimming pools:

  • Strong oxidation helps to rid the pool water of organic and inorganic contaminants, making the pool water cleaner.
  • It provides micro-flocculation to aid filtration and noticeably improve water clarity.
  • It destroys biofilm, the slime that can accumulate on the surface of an inactive pool.
  • It helps control the chloramine levels in the water, reducing “shock-oxidizing” for chloramine reduction and reducing the “chlorine smell” that dirty pools sometimes generate.
  • Ozone allows chlorine to last longer by decreasing its rate of consumption, thereby reducing cost.

Amy Armstrong, product manager at Zodiac, says, “Our new ozone generators will provide a cleaner, clearer pool in any climate, from Michigan to Florida, New York to California. They are engineered to deliver the high-output and energy efficiency only available from true corona discharge ozone generation technology, in a simple-to-install, extremely reliable system. We think customers and pool pros alike will really appreciate these advantages.”

Three models are available for different-sized swimming pools. The model needed is based on the size of the pool, with Model CD100 appropriate for 100,000 gallon pools, CD70 for 70,000 gallon pools, and CD40 for 40,000 gallon pools. Two installation kits are available; one generator and one installation kit are required for proper installation. All models include a one-year warranty; professional installation is required. Point-of-purchase displays and other marketing materials are available for pool product retailers through their sales representatives.


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