Greenbuild 2015: Sefaira to Present Vision for Future of Building Design

GREENBUILD BOOTH #3743 -- Sefaira, the leader in software for high-performance building design, will today present its vision for the future of building design at the opening of Greenbuild 2015. Here, Sefaira's CEO Mads Jensen will unveil the company's strategy for developing the software that will enable the next level of Performance-Based Design.

Since 2012 Sefaira has introduced pioneering real-time simulation tools to the building design industry. Today, Sefaira will outline their strategy for further empowering practitioners with powerful analysis while simultaneously improving project team collaboration. Greenbuild, the premier event for sustainable buildings, kicks off today in Washington, D.C.

State of the Industry

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently reported an increase of 78% year-on-year for the number of architectural projects with high-performance goals. These projects present a challenge for the AEC industry, as Performance-Based Design must take into account the unique challenges and objectives of each building design. Achieving excellent performance requires more than discrete analysis conducted by individual practitioners: it requires close collaboration between architects, mechanical engineers, and other specialists, in order to fully leverage the expertise of the entire team. This has until now been complicated by fragmented data and poor technology solutions for team-wide collaboration.

George Athens, Managing Principal at NELSON, said: "We have data that explains the significant impact of environments on occupants. Providing high-performing buildings that enable these environments has become an absolute priority. At the same time, we have learned that analyzing the performance of buildings at the outset of the design process leads to the best performance outcomes. While current technology has helped us do that analysis at the level of an individual designer, reaching the next level of building performance will require software that enables all of our designers to truly collaborate from the beginning of that design process."

Sefaira - empowering and enabling high-performance building design

Sefaira has made high-performance building design much easier by providing tools that allow each individual building designer to make performance a key part of their design process right from the beginning of a project. It has introduced the first real-time performance analysis tool within the 3D design environment, easy comparison of multiple performance-enhancing strategies, and industry-leading parametric analysis (response curves). With all these technological advancements, high-performance building design is now gaining traction.

Today at Greenbuild, Sefaira will unveil the next chapter in Performance-Based Design: a collaborative platform that will allow design teams to work more efficiency and effectively at the project level, and that will enable firms to promote collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

"Sefaira's mission is to empower all building designers to deliver on the promise of high-performing buildings," said Mads Jensen, CEO of Sefaira. "Our customers tell us that with Performance-Based Design software now being readily available to each designer, the biggest barriers to wide adoption of Performance-Based Design have shifted and are now institutional challenges: issues of design process and firm capabilities. Today, Sefaira takes the first step toward a new world where efficient team collaboration will be the norm - with the announcement of the first truly collaborative platform for Performance-Based Design at Greenbuild 2015."

Sefaira is located in booth #3743 at Greenbuild. The company will present its vision and new technology at the booth during a presentation starting at 10.30 a.m on November 18th.


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